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Programmes for large companies with business schools
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Programmes for large companies with business schools

Speed up towards the future with startups and business schools

Are startups from Venus and big companies from Mars?

Startups are synonymous with innovation; large corporations, with volume and power. It nonetheless often seems they are worlds apart. That’s why at ACCIÓ we have decided to add business schools to establish a winning formula.

If you are a large company and you want to take advantage of startups’ creativity, emerging technologies and innovative potential, then find out about the different programmes offered to you by the country’s leading business schools under ACCIÓ’s coordination and with its competitive approach.

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ESADECREAPOLIS: Corporate Acceleration Program

If you want to speed up an understanding with startups to achieve dynamic, flexible innovation, then this is the programme for you. For three months and with the streamlined methodology custom-created by ESADECREAPOLIS, you will be able to identify the innovation goals to deal with startups. You will also meanwhile define the collaboration model that best suits your company and establish a plan of action to set it in motion and connect with the entrepreneurial ecosystem around you.

This programme consists of four group sessions open to all companies. Theses sessions combine an initial part of theoretical training and a second part to implement the theory through tools and business cases. These sessions deal with four key areas: strategy, collaboration models, legal aspects, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From all participating companies, 20 will be selected to offer them support through expert consultants and divided into three 2-hour workshops with the following goals: identification of challenges, scouting and systematization of processes.

The Corporate Acceleration Program is aimed at companies whose operational headquarters are in Catalonia and have a minimum turnover of five million euros.

Contact to talk to ACCIÓ and request our advice or enter the business school website to find out further details.




The goal of the La Salle programme is to help large corporations identify common challenges in the framework of Industry 4.0 and support them in resolving them through collaboration with international startups. This means ensuring that the innovative solutions of entrepreneurial projects will become the best solution to the challenges of digital transformation posed by Industry 4.0 in large corporations.

La Salle is preparing the details of its corporate acceleration programme with startups for large companies. If you would like further details, speak to us or subscribe to ACCIÓ Informa to keep abreast of forthcoming calls.



EADA: INNOCORP programme

INNOCORP is a programme by EADA, which is free for companies and sponsored by ACCIÓ with the support of QUANTION, intended to stimulate and facilitate companies’ safe access to technology-based innovation. The programme involves the promotion and development of innovative activities within traditional companies and corporations, by connecting and collaborating with the dynamics of technology startups that can provide them with the applied know-how of new technologies in mutually beneficial activities.

This process of initiation to corporate innovation seeks to select and form the initial core of the innovation unit of the recipient companies in order to develop as an “ambidextrous corporation”. This means that it should meanwhile be capable of exploiting current business to serve its current customers better; while exploring and positioning the bases for developing the future business they will offer to their new customers.

In practice, INNOCORP provides a win-win situation for large companies and entrepreneurs. The young startups provide innovation, while traditional companies help in areas such as market access, contacts with financial markets and establishing commercial inroads for future collaboration after the programme has gained momentum.

The output of the project is the identification of one or more innovative challenges met with their analysis in one or more technology-based startups that can provide solutions to the technological innovation challenges posed. The outcome is the methodology acquired by the team that, once established in the company in the form of an Innovation Unit, can develop new corporate innovation processes that allow them to establish a parallel path of technological innovation.

See all the details of the 2018-2019 edition on the EADA website.  If you still have any queries, speak to us or subscribe to ACCIÓ Informa to keep abreast of forthcoming calls.