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RIS3CAT Communities
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RIS3CAT Communities

In unity there is innovation

What do they offer?

At whom is it targeted?

How do they work?

Meet the Communities

ACCIÓ has earmarked 53 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to accredit 13 RIS3CAT Communities. All these have rounded up an investment in research and innovation of over 140 million euros. The Communities are part of the following areas:

  • One for Design industry
  • One for Cultural and experience-based industries
  • Two for health and life science industries
  • Two for Food industries
  • Three for the Chemical, energy and resources industry
  • Two for industrial systems
  • Two for Sustainable mobility industries

Meet the Communities and their projects:

News about RIS3CAT Communities

RIS3CAT Communities: experiences and publications

These grants are co-funded with the ERDF, and are intended to encourage R&D projects carried out in Catalonia with a high impact on the region and enterprise. The projects must have a strong impact on the internationalization of results and technology, and enable companies to access international R&D calls, especially the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and tenders.

Ajut del Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional