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MWC Open Innovation Challenge
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MWC Open Innovation Challenge

Meet the technological challenges of large companies

Do you have a disruptive technological solution? Would you like to make it known internationally?

Major corporates and investors will be back at MWC 2022 to participate in the MWC Open Innovation Challenge with a single goal: to find the best innovative solutions to meet their technological challenges.

If you are a company, a technology centre or a startup, this is a great opportunity to offer your technology to large international companies during the main B2B meeting event of MWC.

Choose the business challenges that best match your profile, present your ground-breaking proposal and you will be able to request face-to-face or virtual meetings to find new technology partners. This could be the start of a fruitful friendship full of great projects.

The call to request meetings during MWC is open. Would you like to take part? Register now on the platform!

Present your technological solutions. Open in a new window.

Sign up for the MWC Open Innovation Challenge

What does it offer?

Corporates already know that the best innovation comes from outside. Users, citizens and especially companies and startups are changing the way innovation affects all types of businesses.

The big international companies and investors participating in the MWC Open Innovation Challenge want to integrate the most innovative technology or invest in new technological solutions.

In this way, this B2B event offers the opportunity to a broad range of companies and organizations to meet with corporates to create alliances with new local and international partners.

In the last edition some 700 meetings were held with 80 corporates and investors. Would you like to take part? Register now on the platform!

ACCIÓ is organizing the MWC Open Innovation Challenge in the framework of MWC 2022 and the activities of the project Enterprise Europe Network, to which ACCIÓ belongs.

How does it work?

Would you like to present your solutions to large companies during MWC 2022? Participate in the MWC Open Innovation Challenge and start preparing your schedule of meetings:

  1. Enter the platform and register your solution.
  2. Review the challenges of the participating corporates and investors.
  3. If your company, technology centre or startup fulfils the conditions for any of the challenges, request a meeting, either virtual or face-to-face, during MWC. You can apply to as many challenges as you think you have solutions. Of course, make sure your solution matches the chosen challenges.
  4. The corporate will review your application. If the solution is attractive for their challenge, it will agree to meet you at MWC Barcelona, either virtually or in person.
  5. Moreover, with the MWC Open Innovation Challenge you can also request meetings with participating companies, startups or technology centres.

Register now on the platform and start planning your schedule of meetings for MWC.

Conditions and applications

The MWC Open Innovation Challenge targets innovative startups, SMEs and technology centres from around the world.

Check the terms and conditions applicable to each challenge and apply only to the ones for which you are sure you can meet them. Remember that if you are granted a face-to-face meeting, you must attend MWC Barcelona on 1 or 2 March 2022.

Would you like to take part? Register now on the platform and start planning your schedule of meetings for MWC.

Some of the corporate challenges


    Investors in primary and secondary opportunities of technology startups from pre-series A to series B.

  • K FUND

    They invest from 100k to 2M in entrepreneurs with the capacity to create differential technology-based products and services.


    LG Display is looking to invest in or partner with startups that can help increase the demand for display panels. Any kind of company such as platforms, contents, hardware, software, etc. is welcome.

  • MERCEDES-BENZ AG. Open in a new window.

    They are seeking technologies to support carbon-neutral (or negative) mobility – through the development, production and use of recycling.


    Nekko Capital offers funding for B2B startups that are just starting out. It prioritizes sectors like mobility, travel technology, support, the finance industry, among others.


    They wish to create new services and buyer/user experiences, seek new business opportunities in e-commerce and service provision.

  • SAP

    SAP’s mission is to build its own generation of partners. They are working in close connection with industry and its product groups to identify opportunities, searching globally for startups in their early stages to partner with, and implementing acceleration programmes to create joint value propositions effectively to provide new value to their clients.


    They are seeking innovations in the fields of electronics, electromechanics, new mobility, formulas, technologies (wireless energy transfer, horticulture and energy harnessing) and IoT projects.

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