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ProACCIÓ 4.0
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ProACCIÓ 4.0

Seize the arrival of the industry of the future!

Industry 4.0 is now a reality that is radically changing business worldwide. Transformation of the SME involves adopting technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, machine learning, augmented reality, 5G mobility, blockchain encryption, collaborative robots, or any other business application of new technologies.

The ProACCIÓ 4.0 program includes different services, aid, programs and activities that ACCIÓ provides so that you can take the leap into industry 4.0. It can be use to access the Industry 4.0 Coupons program, advisory services, or lines of funding. You can also check out the coming activities, conferences and missions specifically aimed at Industry 4.0.

Do you want to be kept up to date? Do you want us to inform you whenever these different services start? Do you want to know how your company can take the leap into industry 4.0? Tell us about your case so that we can all start laying your path towards the industry of the future!

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More than 670 requests for the Industry 4.0 Vouchers
More than 170 professionals have received training
More than 100 suppliers have submitted their technology
More than 160 advisors accredited in Industry 4.0

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