Catalan Wines
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Catalan Wines

Get the world to try your wine and cava

Taking your wine and cava to the markets of the world’s two main wine importers is possible thanks to Catalan Wines. This service eases entering the United States and Germany so that you can present your product to different sector professionals.

Open your wine cellar to the world with Catalan Wines!

What does it offer?

The Catalan Wines programme allows you to enjoy the following services:

Individual advice
• We advise you on the best distribution strategy and pricing policy
• We assist you in choosing the products that best fit the market
• We help you to prepare promotional materials

• We organize events for presenting and tasting products in different cities
• We can put you in touch with professionals in the world of wine: importers, distributors, restaurants, sommeliers, wine shops, supermarkets and specialized press

Digital strategy
• We provide digital promotion in social networks and on the websites of Catalan Wines USA and Weine Aus Katalonien
• You will benefit from the digital strategy to reinforce sales to professionals and have an impact on end users with a shared brand image

Logistics and importing (United States)
• Approval of labelling to enter the product in the country.
• Transportation of the product from Catalonia to the United States.
• Import of the minimum product required for the programme and delivery of samples.
• Product storage at destination for an entire year.

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Who is it for?

The Catalan Wines programme is aimed at Catalan wineries that wish to expand their business targeting the markets of the US and Germany.

Contact us to find out all the details.

United States

The United States is the first importer of wines in the world. Since 2010, Catalan Wines has organized 21 professional wine-tasting events in different cities with about fifty wineries from 10 different Catalan designations of origin (DO). Two out of every three have repeated in the various editions and 73% of the wineries participating in the programme have sealed trade agreements.

Find out how to enter the North American market.


Germany has a high importing potential and is the first country to which Catalonia exports wine and cava. For this reason, in 2014 the programme for the United States was replicated in Germany. In addition to tasting events, this service includes a digital promotion platform that contributes to familiarizing consumers in Germany with Catalan products and to optimizing the wineries’ investment in digital marketing. Since the inception of the programme, more than 35 Catalan wineries have already been promoted and 40% of participants have sealed trade agreements.

Find out how to enter the German market.


The Catalan Wines programme is a permanent service of ACCIÓ. 

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