One-stop Brexit advice
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One-stop Brexit advice

Business tools for dealing with the United Kingdom’s new reality

Digitally self-evaluate your exposure to Brexit in just 15 minutes with our Brexit Thermometer or send us your queries and receive tailored advice.

There has been talk about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union for a while now. But what will happen to your company? How will it affect your business? ACCIÓ's One-stop Brexit Advice service offers you practical tools and the best support to offer an idea of the changes that are coming, to anticipate events and to strengthen your position on the international market.

What does it offer?

The One-stop Brexit Advice service offers all the tools necessary to deal with changes on the UK market:

  • Brexit Thermometer: If you have 15 minutes to spare, this online self-diagnosis tool reveals how exposed your company is in light of the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU. If you answer the questions on this form, you will receive a full personalised report on how Brexit will impact the key areas of your company.
  • Brexit Consultations and Advice: Ask, enquire and talk to our experts. Ask us your question or tell us about your specific case, and we will analyse it and help you to identify the key measures for beating Brexit, which range from drafting a contingency plan to identifying new markets upon which to diversify risks. Make sure you find an answer to all your doubts.
  • Brexit Discounts. To deal with Brexit and emerge stronger, we offer additional discounts to open up new markets and diversify risk.
  • Support on the ground. ACCIÓ’s Trade and Investment office in London will help you to identify legal advisors, certifying or logistics companies or new business partners so you can carry on doing business in the United Kingdom in the new circumstances.
  • Informative sessions. We organise periodic technical talks and sessions on Brexit throughout Catalonia. The following sessions have been scheduled:


Anticipate Brexit: self-evaluate, let us advise and don’t get caught offside!




If your company has any kind of connection with the United Kingdom, spend the next 15 minutes on the Brexit Thermometer.

Would you like a swift and serious analysis on how far Brexit will affect your company? The Brexit Thermometer is a self-diagnosis tool that will provide you with a fast technical evaluation of your company’s level of maturity and exposure to Brexit.

The mechanism is simple. If you register with the Brexit Thermometer, you will receive an email so that you and everyone you assign from your company can answer a complete online questionnaire. You may complete it all at once or pause it as often as you wish. At the end of the process, you will receive a tailored report on your specific case, resulting from analysis and interpretation of your economic and financial circumstances, and based on the methodology and know-how of KPMG consultants.

The report offers analysis of five key aspects of business:

  • Business strategy and model
  • Tax and customs
  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Organisation and people
  • Financial framework

The report also offers a series of recommendations, addressed to your company’s specific sector and allows you to compare your status with that of other companies that have completed the questionnaire.




Enquiries and tailored advice

The services of the Technical Office on Internationalization Barriers include special business advice about Brexit. Tell us what your concerns are  and we will find solutions.

Logistics, certifications, customs, labour regulations, financial aspects, tax, etc. There are many areas in which Brexit might affect your company. We will help you to identify them and to determine what the most urgently required measures are to reduce their impact and to reorient effort.

Tell us about your situation and we will get in touch with you to answer your queries or advise you. If, also, as a result of our advice you wish to benefit from the services of ACCIÓ’s Trade and Investment Offices, for 2019 you will be given a discount of up to an additional 50% on our already subsidised rates.

Cost and application

The One-stop Brexit Advice services come at no cost for the company and are addressed specifically to companies that are already associated in some way with the United Kingdom.

If the Brexit Advice should yield proposals for specific action with one of ACCIÓ's Trade and Investment Offices, either in London or on another complementary market, these services will always by optional. Should you choose to use them, you could benefit from an additional discount.

Anticipate Brexit: self-evaluate, let us advise you and don’t get caught offside!

Information Days: How will Brexit affect my business?

We regularly organize technical conferences and sessions about Brexit throughout the Catalan territory.

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