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Head for Mexico with other companies from the automotive sector

Just like cars, business in this sector involves many different parts. Regardless of whether you produce electronic parts, mirrors or gear boxes, Mexico has been a crucial destination since a dozen or so major automobile manufacturers set up there or expanded their business recently with their R+D centres. If you would like to know where and to whom to sell your products, to expand your presence in the country or to share and learn from the experiences of other Catalan companies, sign up for Mexicauto and make the most of more than 10 years’ experience that our Mexico City Trade and Investment Office has in this sector!

You will receive tailored advice to design your roadmap, may take part in collective initiatives, will be kept up-to-date on everything happening in Mexico in this sector and will enjoy swift, personalised service on the ground. Don’t shut any doors and make sure you are on board the vehicle that will grow your business, sign up for Mexicauto!

What does it offer?

Being part of Mexicauto goes much further than a specific service. It means becoming an active part of the network of Catalan companies that are working in the Mexican automotive sector. Becoming a member will give you the following advantages:

  • An initial meeting with our consultants who are experts in internationalisation so that you may set out your plans and design a roadmap to start making them reality.
  • A videoconference with the Director of ACCIÓ’s Trade and Investment Office in Mexico City, who has spent over 10 years providing support to Catalan automotive companies.
  • Priority access in collective initiatives undertaken by ACCIÓ in the automotive sector in Mexico.
  • Being kept updated about everything happening in this sector in Mexico through periodic notifications and direct contact with our consultants.
  • Take part at the two annual working breakfasts to discuss matters of interest and exchange experiences with other Catalan companies that also operate in this sector in Mexico.
  • Access to México Responde: you will obtain a response in 48 hours to your queries about the process of entering and/or consolidating in the country.

Lastly, you may use all ACCIÓ's regular internationalisation services. Hearing about it isn’t enough, sign up for Mexicauto!

Who is it for?

Mexicauto is addressed to Catalan companies from any area in the automotive sector that are operating in Mexico or are interested in doing so. Whether you are already established in the country or are just starting to get interested, there is a place for you at Mexicauto.

Any queries? We’ll answer them for you!

How does it work?

Once you have applied to be part of Mexicauto, we will get in touch with you to arrange an initial meeting with our experts. We will discuss your company, what options you have in Mexico and will come up with an initial roadmap to suit your needs. You can also hold a videoconference with ACCIÓ's Director in Mexico City, an expert in the automotive sector, and decide upon the first stages of collaboration.

In addition, once you have signed up for Mexicauto, you will start befitting from the other advantages of belonging to it. We will keep you updated about all the specific activities, collective initiatives and important information about the sector in Mexico.

Contact us to discover every detail and to increase your chances of doing business!

Cost and apllication

Belonging to Mexicauto, initial advice and the roadmap proposals are all free.

Don’t think twice. Sign up for it now!

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