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Foreign direct investment consultant at Catalonia Trade & Investment-ACCIÓ in Silicon Valley

Catalonia Trade & Investment - ACCIÓ is the Catalan Government’s agency for foreign investment and business competitiveness. It promotes innovation, internationalization, trade and funding of Catalan companies and startups. It also organizes trade missions, it offers specialized one-stop-shop services to international investors and corporations, attracting foreign direct investment to Barcelona and Catalonia. Headquartered in Barcelona, Catalonia Trade & Investment operates from 40 offices around the world, covering more than 100 markets.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Gain a deep knowledge of the investment opportunities that Catalonia can offer (territorial marketing).
  • Implement a business intelligence, promotion and networking plan to identify potential investors in the strategic sectors in the US west coast. Capture leads and projects.
  • Develop and maintain a network to identify investment projects.
  • Offer value-added services to potential investors to transform leads into projects

The employee will have to execute their tasks in an autonomous and proactive manner once the annual work plan is defined. The Director of the office and the Invest Department in Barcelona will provide support and supervise the tasks.

Education & professional credentials

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Business, Economics, or International Business. Candidates with other backgrounds will be assessed based on experience.
  • VISA or green card required
  • 5+ years of professional experience - ideally a minimum of 2 years of experience in territorial marketing and attracting foreign investment.
  • English mother tongue + advanced level of Spanish or Catalan.
  • Knowledge of the economy, business institutions and relevant institutions in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Silicon Valley area.
  • Availability to travel.

Desired Skills

  • MBA and / or postgraduate training related to business internationalization processes, territorial marketing, business financing or innovation.
  • If the candidate is local, some knowledge of the socio-economic reality of Catalonia and Spain.
  • International work experience.

Personal skills

  • Good communicator, relational skills, empathy and negotiation skills
  • Analytical, planning, prioritization and organizational capacity
  • Autonomy
  • Initiative
  • Adaptability and versatility
  • Integration capacity
  • Resourceful, results-oriented
  • Resilience and involvement
  • Motivation

The selected person will perform their duties at the office of Catalonia Trade & Investment - ACCIÓ located in Silicon Valley (68 Willow Rd, Suite 139 - Menlo Park, CA 94025). The recruitment process will be subject to the California labor legislation.

Submit your candidature, write us to MBonavia@catalonia.com.

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