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Alt Penedès, Garraf i Maresme Office
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Alt Penedès, Garraf and Maresme Office

The Alt Penedès, Garraf and Maresme office helps you do business in...

  • Alt Penedès
  • Garraf
  • Maresme

Your office in Alt Penedès, Garraf and Maresme

Alt Penedès, Garraf and Maresme feature a business fabric formed essentially of SMEs and micro-enterprises dedicated to the services and industrial sector. Strategic activities in the three counties are highly diversified and range from winegrowing to textiles, social healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Firms export to the neighbouring European markets of France, the UK and Germany, but also to the US, various Arab countries and Japan. The region is also home to technology centres that make up an innovative ecosystem.

Office manager Cristina Fabián is a contemporary history graduate from the University of Barcelona and has a BBA diploma in business science, marketing and public relations from the International Communications Institute in Paris. Before joining ACCIÓ, she was the finance, administration and HR product manager at the International Wool Secretariat (IWS).

Your office in Alt Penedès, Garraf and Maresme


Passeig de Gràcia, 129
08008 Barcelona

93 476 72 51