Financial Advisory Service
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Financial Advisory Service

Find the best financing for your project

Whether you wish to run a crowdfunding campaign, seek financing from private investors or venture capital, or to apply for a loan, at ACCIÓ we help you to find the sources of financing that best suit your project’s characteristics and needs. We direct you towards the financing instruments that are best for you and provide support and accompaniment in applying for them.

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What does it offer?

The Financial Advisory Service provides you with an expert who will analyse in-depth your project’s needs and how to access different channels of financing.

The advice involves three phases:

  1. Prior analysis

Evaluation of your company’s financial situation. If you are an entrepreneur, we shall look at your business plan and if you are a SME, we analyse your balance sheets for the last few years.

  1. Meeting

We shall discuss the results of the financial report with you and recommend the types of financing best suited to you and to your project.

  1. Tailored support

We shall explain the steps involved in obtaining financing and, if you wish, accompany you at meetings with different financiers.


Do you wish to use this service? Please contact us and explore your chances of obtaining financing!


Who is it for?

This service is addressed to companies and startups with great growth potential that have the capacity for financing and can provide available, accessible and quality information.

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The Financial Advisory Service is a permanent service of ACCIÓ.

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