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Innovation antenna
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Innovation antenna

Get ahead of the innovations that will change the rules of the game in your sector and in your company

You have a DeLorean. You step on the gas and take a leap into the future. Five years from now. Ten years. However many it takes. You can see how everything will be. You see the technologies that have transformed your business sector and can touch the innovations and trends that have changed what companies like yours were doing. You can see the disruption that awaits you. And you can see it before it passes you by.

No. No you don’t have a DeLorean. You cannot take a trip into the future.

But we can. At ACCIÓ and at our Silicon Valley office we are at the forefront of the future and we want to take you there. Are you coming?

What does it offer?

The Innovation Antenna service helps companies to detect the opportunities and risks that are affecting and will transform your sector.

We place you in direct contact with the Silicon Valley world innovation pole. We offer you an initial taste and analyse your sector and your customers against the background of game-changing trends and technologies before they can affect you.

The result of this analysis is a report tailored exclusively for your company, in which you will discover and be able to fit to your reality the new business models, technological innovations and the new leading agents that will help you get ahead of your competitors.

How does it work?

When you request the service, tell us what you are looking for and what drives you since you will very likely have sensed that some business model, some technology, some trend or some competitor is disrupting your sector. This is the first step.

Second step: based on what you tell us, we will get in touch with you. We shall define the object of work, prioritise objectives and reach agreement on an action plan.

Third step: we set our Silicon Valley innovation antenna working for you. Depending on your sector, we also set your offices in motion in other highly-innovative international ecosystems.

Fourth step: we draft, issue you with and discuss an executive report, in which you will discover all the above-mentioned items: the technologies, trends, business models and leading players that will change your sector and determine your company’s future. The report will also include practical action for making use of this new strategic knowledge and ways of keeping up-to-date, connected with the most significant sources of innovation for your business.

Who is it for, how do you apply for it and how much does it cost?


The Innovation Antenna service is addressed particularly to medium-sized and large companies with a business model in which technology and industrial production play a key role. Small companies may also use it, provided that the technology, innovation and production process can benefit from this kind of technological prospective analysis.



If you completethis form, we will get in touch with you to outline the scope and conditions of the service.



The eventual cost of the service will be determined once we have established its scope. The cost is partially subsidised in line with rates for services offered at the overseas Trade and Investment Offices (.PDF document) of the Government of Catalonia.

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