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EU Recovery Plan
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EU Recovery Plan

European funds for digital and ecological transformation

Do you have a high-impact digital transformation project? Do you have an initiative to move towards a greener economy in mind? The European Union has endowed the Next Generation EU plan with €750 billion as a unique instrument to fund Europe’s post-pandemic recovery. Europe is looking for projects that boost the continent, but above all it is encouraging those with a high component of digital transformation and environmental commitment.

If you want to access the different lines of grants and funding from the Next Generation EU, tell us abour your project! We will analyze it, start working on it together, and help you define your options to be among the eligible ones.

If you have an idea for a greener, digital Europe, download the project file, fill it and send us the filled .docx file. We'll help you to defining it to get closer to European recovery funds!

If your project fits with the calls of the different Ministries for these funds, we also help you with the expressions of interest that must be submitted in order to access these funds.

We help you transform Europe, so please share your project!

What do they offer?

The Next Generation EU funds are aimed at business projects with high transformational potential, involving structural change and having a lasting impact on economic and social resilience, sustainability, long-term competitiveness, and employment.

In the case of Catalan companies, the projects must be adapted to the Spanish government’s Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, which is divided into 10 driving levers:

  1. Urban agenda, fight against depopulation and development of agriculture
  2. Resilient infrastructures and ecosystems
  3. A fair and inclusive energy transition
  4. Administration for the 21st century
  5. Modernization and digitization of the business ecosystem
  6. Pact for science and innovation and reinforcement of the National Health
  7. Education, knowledge, continuing education and capacity building
  8. New care economy and employment policies
  9. Development of culture and sport
  10. Modernization of the tax system


Who do they target?

The Next Generation EU funds are aimed at companies with the capacity to submit projects with high transformational value.

Projects or measures launched as of February 1, 2020 may also be eligible for this European funding.

If you have a project in mind, download the file, fill it and tell us your proposal. We will help you submit it so that it can be among the eligible ones.

If you would like to know all the details, check all the information here on the European Commission's website.


Tell us about your project. Download the project file, fill it and send the filled .docx file to One of our consultants will contact you to better understand it, assess it, and, if it fits, help you optimize your options to get it done.

Calls for Next Generation EU grants

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