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Innovation horizon
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Innovation horizon

Get ready to start innovating!

You want to innovate and still do not know how to start? You know the future of your company depends on innovation, but right now, you are more worried about the present?

ACCIÓ’s Innovation horizon service targets companies that want to innovate but are not yet ready to; for companies that need to streamline their day-to-day management improving their functional areas.

Do you want to change the course of your company? Do you want to get ready to innovate? We provide you with advice and support by identifying and solving key problems of the present so you can look towards an innovation horizon.

Sign up for the Innovation Horizon service!

What does it offer?

The Innovation Horizon service is an ACCIÓ advisory service. It offers two key elements to improve the performance of your company and prepare it for innovation: customized analysis of the current state of your company and a tailored plan to implement the improvements we detect with you.

Specifically, the Innovation Horizon service will provide you with:

  • A current analysis of the state of your company and its shortcomings and opportunities
  • A future snapshot of what you would like your company to be like in two years’ time
  • A roadmap with recommendations and priority actions to redirect the course of your business
  • Besides, you may be eligible for an Innovation Coupon to fund the implementation of the agreed actions


Are you interested? Tell us about it!

How does it work?

The Innovation Horizon service works following these steps, whether to solve a specific problem or to solve a growth challenge:

  1. You request the service and explain your situation in detail. It is important to specify the difficulties you think are conditioning your company’s development and are hindering it from starting to innovate
  2. We analyse your application and get in touch with you to arrange a first work meeting. From here, we begin an analysis stage with you and your team to determine the key factors for your company. We assess your current and future business model using techniques such as Business Model Canvas
  3. We present an analysis of the functional areas and a roadmap with specific recommendations. We agree as to priorities, whether to solve a specific functional problem or to implement a challenge, always taking into account the analysis of the future business model. Jointly, we define the actions to be carried out with the specific persons who will undertake them and schedules
  4. Optionally, we will assist you in the implementation of the chosen solution or improvement and monitor it. Also optionally, you may be eligible for an Innovation Coupon to carry out some of the improvement actions identified


The planned period for the execution of phases 2 and 3, together, may require around two months of working jointly, depending on the availability of the company management team.

Who does it target and how can you apply?

The Innovation Horizon service is free for the company.

The management team must be involved in the work process.

The service targets companies with:

  • More than 4 years of existence
  • At least 5 employees
  • Turnover in excess of 400,000 euros


If you have any questions about whether your company can benefit from the Innovation Horizon service, please contact us and we’ll find out together.

If it seems clear to you, sign up for the service and get ready to start innovating!

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