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Tax incentives
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Tax incentives

What does it offer?

This service aims to support Catalan companies in the process of applying for tax deductions.

We help you to reduce your tax bill by:

  • Facilitating your understanding of tax incentives and helping you to decide the specific application strategy by identifying the relevant actors
  • Assisting you and offering you new tools in the use of tax incentives for innovation
  • Laying the groundwork to enhance the link between the company receiving R&D and innovation grants and the tools to apply the tax incentives


  • You will obtain a discount on your project’s certification report before the certifying organizations
  • You will receive personalized support from an ACCIÓ-accredited consultant who will analyse your particular case

Benefits and types of incentives

The main types of tax incentives are:

  • Tax deductions for R&D and Innovation projects
  • “Patent Box”. Reduction in the tax base for income derived from the transfer of intangible assets
  • Deductions on the company Social Security contribution


The benefits for your company will consist of:

  • Reducing your tax bill
  • Funding your R&D and Innovation projects
  • The incentive is proportional to the cost and its implementation may vary over time
  • The incentives are compatible with ACCIÓ lines of aid and other public aid programmes
  • They are classified as RDi strategy and legal certainty (binding) can be obtained through reasoned reports issued by the Tax Administration
  • They are open to all companies and are not subject to competitive calls


Contact us to find out all the details!

How does it work?

This service is carried out through personalized seminars and assessments.

Contact us for further details!