INNOTEC: we co-fund your R&D&i project
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INNOTEC: we co-fund your R&D&i project

Don’t leave any R&D project to gather dust!

That new adhesive material with you wanted to use to make your product more sustainable...

That new thread you are convinced you can develop using textile waste products...

The new sensors you have in mind to boost the performance of your project...

INNOTEC is the service of ACCIÓ that will help you make it possible. If you have an R&D project of between 50,000 and 200,000 euros, the INNOTEC grant can subsidize up to 70% of its cost.

The 2020 INNOTEC call will open soon.

Presentation of INNOTEC grants

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What does it offer?

The INNOTEC grant funds from 25 to 70% of R&D projects of between 50,000 and 200,000 euros developed by companies established in Catalonia. These projects must be carried out in collaboration with TECNIO-accredited university groups (or CSIC or CERCA centres).

The following costs can be subsidized with INNOTEC grants:

  • Personnel:
    • Researchers, technicians and auxiliary staff
    • Staff involved in the project
  • External collaborators:
    • Contracting of Research and Development (only by the company)
    • Other consultancy and advisory expenses
  • Depreciation of project equipment and instruments

Do you have any queries about whether your project is eligible for INNOTEC grants? Talk to us!

Which projects does it target?

The INNOTEC grant targets these kinds of projects:

Collaborative R&D

R&D projects involving at least one company (up to 500 employees) whose operations are established in Catalonia and at least one TECNIO-accredited Public Technology Developer - PTD (university groups or from the CSIC and CERCA centres).  

INNOTEC grants have a total budget of 1.5 million euros of which 150,000 euros will go to circular economy projects.

Requirements and application


The INNOTEC grant may be applied by companies established in Catalonia having up to 500 employees. The projects must not exceed 50% of company turnover in the previous year and the expenditure eligible for subsidizing must be between 50,000 and 200,000 euros. These projects must be carried out in collaboration with TECNIO-accredited public developers (university groups or of the CSIC and CERCA centres). Their maximum duration is two years from the date of application.



INNOTEC grants are awarded by competitive competition. Once the call is closed, the projects eligible to benefit from the grants will be assessed following criteria of excellence, impact and method.



News about Innotec

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