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Business Enterprise R&D nuclei
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Business Enterprise R&D nuclei

The impetus for great innovative ideas

If you have a new high-risk technological product or service in mind, the Business Enterprise R&D Nuclei provide the impetus you need to make it a reality. These grants offer up to 150,000 euros non-refundable to develop your project over three years.

Don’t put off great ideas any longer with the Business Enterprise R&D Nuclei!

The 2020 International Business Enterprise R&D Nuclei is closed.


What does it offer?

The Business Enterprise R&D nuclei are non-refundable grants for financing new high-risk technological products or services that respond to market needs. There are two modalities:

  • 2020 International Business Enterprise R&D Nuclei.
  • Local Business Enterprise R&D Nuclei.

They offer:

  • A non-refundable grant of up to 150,000 euros.
  • A maximum of three years to develop the project.
  • The Business Enterprise R&D nuclei fund projects from 150,000 euros.


The Business Enterprise R&D nuclei are grants targeting Catalan companies that wish to develop new high-risk technological products or services that respond to market needs. The general requirements for applying for the grant are:

  • It must involve an innovative R&D initiative.
  • The project must be carried out in Catalonia.
  • Companies must have three years old and needs to be financially viable. Don't miss the Financial self-assessment.
  • The projects can be carried out individually or in collaboration through a group of companies governed by an association agreement.

Contact us and we will help you find how your project fits in with the Business Enterprise R&D nuclei!

Discover the Nuclei

There are two categories of Business Enterprise R&D nuclei:


International nuclei and ERA-net programmes

This aids are intended to develop high-impact R&D projects in the region and with an international scope involving collaboration among companies from Catalonia and international entities.

  • International nuclei: collaborative projects in all fields of technology among Catalan companies and entities of a strategic country or region. Countries: Germany, France, Israel, South Korea and the Quebec region in Canada.

The 2020 International Business Enterprise R&D Nuclei is closed.

  • ERA-net sectorial programmes: industry collaborative projects among Catalan companies and international organizations through the MANUNET III project for advanced manufacturing systems. 

Local nuclei

This aid targets the research and development projects of Catalan companies with partners from Catalonia.

Nuclei support services

In relation to this aid, ACCIÓ offers a variety of related services:

  • Guidance and advice: we help you to create and organize projects, as well as to solve technical queries and improve the submission process.
  • Project monitoring: if you have been the recipient of a grant from the Business Enterprise R&D nuclei announcement you are eligible for the personalized monitoring of one of our technicians who will facilitate the entire process of project monitoring and rationale. This monitoring will be conducted continuously from the approval of the project until completion of the technical and administrative certification process.
  • Access to tax deductions: take advantage of discounts on your tax bill with the incentives for R&D projects. Discover our tax incentives for innovation support service.
  • Support for CDTI projects: if you have submitted a project to the ACCIÓ Business Enterprise R&D nuclei call and it has been technically approved but not granted due to a lack of budget, we can help you to present this project at the CDTI.
  • Find a partner: through ACCIO's worldwide offices and the EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) we help you find the best technology partner to develop your international R&D project.

The 2020 International Business Enterprise R&D Nuclei is closed.


News about Business Enterprise R&D nuclei

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Business Enterprise R&D nuclei: experiences and publications

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These grants are co-funded with the ERDF, and are intended to encourage R&D projects carried out in Catalonia with a high impact on the region and enterprise. The projects must have a strong impact on the internationalization of results and technology, and enable companies to access international R&D calls, especially the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and tenders.

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