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Strategic innovation service
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Strategic innovation service

Accelerate your ability to innovate and adapt to change

New technologies. New ways of producing, organizing, selling. Global competitors. Constantly evolving business models and customer behaviour. Everything is changing. And your company, how is it changing?

Today, more than ever, companies have to innovate. The competitiveness of any organization depends on its ability to adapt to changes, to innovate systematically and to do it efficiently. To achieve it companies need to have their own innovation model and the knowledge of how to apply it.

ACCIÓ’s Strategic Innovation Service, funded by the Enterprise Europe Network, targets companies that innovate but want to do it better. Systematizing innovation will allow you to speed up your change processes, make them more efficient and turn innovation into a competitive factor for your business.

Do you want to design an innovation strategy for your business? Do you want to learn how to lead your innovation model? We can help you!

Sign up for the Strategic Innovation Service!

What does it offer?

The Strategic Innovation Service, funded by the Enterprise Europe Network, is an ACCIÓ advisory service that will enable you to systematize innovation within your business and turn it into one of the hallmarks of your competitiveness.

The Strategic Innovation Service will provide you with:

  • Strategic thinking on how innovation is being managed and how it should be managed
  • Recommendations agreed to with the management team designed to adapt your model of innovation to the new environment, taking into account the strategic challenges of the company
  • Training in a series of tools to speed up the transformation of your innovation model
  • Support from ACCIÓ to implement the actions agreed to

Optionally, this service includes 15 hours of expert advice by ACCIÓ-accredited professionals who will help you implement the recommendations. This year, you also have the opportunity to take part in a training program with ESADE and ACCIÓ.

Are you interested? Shall we get it started?

How does it work?

The business consultancy provided by ACCIÓ’s Strategic Innovation Service allows you to consolidate your company’s innovation model. It works following these stages:

  1. First contact. Request the service and explain your starting point: how you manage innovation, what challenges you have, etc. It is important that you specify what difficulties your company has to start innovating. After that we study your request and prepare a first meeting between the company management and ACCIÓ to design the implementation of the service
  2. Innovation diagnosis. We analyze how the company is managing innovation through a workshop with the management team, following work methodologies certified by the European Commission
  3. Recommendations. A meeting where we present a valuation report and prioritize the actions that will be carried out with the aim of increasing the innovative capacity of the company
  4. Implementation and support. We prepare workshops tailored to the needs of your company and help you with the implementation of the recommended actions. In addition, we help you identify services that will help you to launch a new systemic innovation model in your company. In this phase, companies have 15 hours of optional advice to implement the recommendations by experts accredited by ACCIÓ


This service is free. The phases 1, 2 and 3 are expected to last between two and four months. For the phase 4, the company will have one year of follow-up by ACCIÓ. All of these phases can be offered online.

ESADE'S Program: learn how to lead the innovation

The Strategic Innovation Service has a complementary training program through ESADE and ACCIÓ. This specialized course is aimed at company managers who want to lead innovation and accelerate the ability of their teams to adapt to changes. We will work on building and consolidate your innovation model.

This program, which combines face-to-face and online training, will cover the following topics:

  • Identification and capture of strategic opportunities. (Online)
  • Characteristics of an innovative company. (Online)
  • Emerging technologies and technological trends (virtual). (Online)
  • Enhance collaboration with the ecosystem. (Online)
  • Management of business acceleration projects. (Online)
  • Leadership and management of people. (Online)
  • High performance team management. (face-to-face)
  • Strategic management of change. Change simulator. (face-to-face)

Registration for 2021 is closed.

Who does it target and how can you apply?

ACCIÓ's Strategic Innovation Service is free (*) and targets companies with the following characteristics:

  • With experience in innovation
  • With operational headquarters in Catalonia
  • At least 4 years old
  • With at least 20 employees and invoicing more than one million euros
  • With a management team that has the ambition to grow through innovation (that considers innovation as being a strategic process)

(*) The service is funded by the European Commission and is at no cost to the company.

If you have questions about whether your company can benefit from the Strategic Innovation Service, please contact us and we will find out together.

If you are ready to systematize innovation within your company and turn it into one of your factors of competitiveness, sign up for it now!

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