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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
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Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Connect your SME to the world

If you are an innovative company that is seeking international partners, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the network for you. It places you in contact with over 60 countries, including all of the European Union countries!

The EEN is a European Commission initiative that was created in 2008 to help SMEs become more competitive by developing their innovative capacity and opening new markets.

Discover 10 reasons to become a member of the EEN and connect your SME to the world!

What does it offer?

In Catalonia, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) offers the following services:

  • Information and advice on internationalization, innovation and knowledge transfer.
  • Training.
  • Workshops and seminars on innovation management, technology transfer and business opportunities.
  • Search for international partners for collaborative R&D projects, technology transfer and trade agreements in all network member countries. Support during the whole active search process.
  • Organization and participation in missions, prospection trips and B2B events (Brokerage Events).
  • SME participation in European Horizon 2020 R&D projects through training, partner searches and personalized advisory service.
  • Access to finance from European funds.
  • Advice on resource efficiency and compliance with the REACH directives.
  • Guidance and training on Intellectual Property for the development of international collaborative projects.
  • Business participation in the drafting of European policies through public consultations of the European Commission.


The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a permanent service of ACCIÓ.  For further information consult the website!

Talk to us and we will find the best match for your project!

Who is it for?

The Enterprise Europe Network targets companies of all sizes, although it is mainly oriented at small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes, universities, technology centres and companies, and development agencies. 

Check out the 10 reasons for becoming a member of the EEN and contact us to start to connect to Europe!


The EEN consists of a network of consortia of more than 600 organizations such as chambers of commerce, business development agencies and university technology centres. The network provides concrete and effective solutions to companies in over 60 countries, including all EU member states and other partner countries.

The only node of the network in Catalonia is that of ACCIÓ, of the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the General Council of Chambers of Catalonia

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