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Programmes for startups with business schools
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Programmes for startups with business schools

Time for your startup to mature!

Do you have a technology startup? Make it more competitive with the business schools acceleration programmes promoted by ACCIÓ.

Consolidate your technology project so it stands out from your competitors and meanwhile verify your business model to help your company to mature. If your project is less than three years old, choose the programme that best suits your needs: validate the business idea, accelerate growth or take your prototype to manufacture!

Merge technology with the knowledge of business schools and let your startup reach maturity!

Apply or find out about forthcoming announcements

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TecnoCampus Start Health: speed up your health sector startup

Do you have a startup related to the digital health, medical devices, or biotech sectors? With the support of ACCIÓ,TecnoCampus Start Health is the accelerator programme for startups in the health sector that offers support in validating the technology and business model, in the launch of products into the market, and in access to funding for growth.

To make this possible, you will be provided with 25 hours of individual, expert advice over five months from mentors and you will be able to connect with the innovative ecosystem of the health sector and TecnoCampus.

Furthermore, this programme will enable you to take part in different workshops with experts on strategy, partnership agreements, intellectual property, marketing and sales, funding, and on how to present your startup to investors with a winner pitch.

The Start Health programme is aimed at startups that are less than 5 years old and are related to the health sector in the areas of digital health (web platforms, mobile platforms, AI, IoT, Big Data), medical devices (medical instruments, rehabilitation, disease diagnosis) and biotech.


For further information, contact ACCIÓ or find out more on the TecnoCampus website.

TecnoCampus Start Health: speed up your health sector startup

TecnoCampus Start Health

T Growth Program – Rev up your technology startup

Do you own an early stage startup in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT)? The La Salle Technova T Growth program, with the support of ACCIÓ, offers you expert and customized support to develop your business model and connect with large companies.

The program lasts four months and is divided into three modules; counseling and expert support classes; technical workshops with specialists and researchers as well as workshops with large companies, where you will have the opportunity to meet with their managers. All this will help you prepare your startup to enter the market and face its growth.

You can contact ACCIÓ for any questions you may have, and we will notify you of new calls; or find out more details on the La Salle Technova website.

laSalle Technova Barcelona

laSalle Technova Barcelona

Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (IESE)

The BTTG (Barcelona Technology Transfer Group) has been running since 2016 at the IESE Business School with the aim of increasing the commercial potential of new scientific discoveries mainly made at research centres and technology institutions. Its collaboration programme with MBA students and prestigious and renowned mentors addresses professionals at public and private research centres as well as entrepreneurs in the field of science and technology intending to create a technology-based company. Companies in their early stages of development can also participate.

A team of 4-8 students led by a project manager will work for 2 months on your projects’ approach-to-market strategy in order to fine tune the value proposition, customer potential and business model. Participants can also take participate in various workshops dealing with key skills of entrepreneurs and a demoday to present your project to investors and companies.

Contact to ACCIÓ and to receive advice.



MAP programme (EADA): validate your business idea

Do you have a technology- or science-based project? The MAP programme (Market Assessment Program) will help you to put your business idea to the test! For six months you will work side by side with the participants of various international EADA master’s programmes, led by an expert teacher, with the goal of making a business plan that will allow you to approach the market and funding.

You will enjoy 1,500 hours of working together with a committed multicultural team and more than 20 hours of practical and specific training for entrepreneurs. At the end of the programme, all participating projects will present their proposals at a Demo Day to potentially interested investors and companies. In addition, prizes of 3,000 euros for the winner and 2,000 euros for second place will be awarded for the "Best Project".

The MAP Programme specifically targets professionals from public and private research centres, as well as entrepreneurs in the field of science and technology who intend to create a technology-based company. Already-established companies in their early stages of development whose business models are yet to be validated or that need to define a market and evolve with the market test may also take part.

Contact to ACCIÓ and request our advice or enter the business school website to find out further details.



Next Tech programme (IQS): take your prototype to manufacture

The IQS Next Tech is the first startup acceleration programme with an industrial focus and with the premise of taking prototypes to manufacture. The 10 selected industrial startups must have developed a physical product and will receive assistance for six months throughout the industrialization process. The goal is to create a first production series.

To achieve this, they will receive individual sessions with experts from industrial companies who will guide them to define the best way towards industrializing their product. They will also work on the conceptualization and the development of the prototype with professionals from the production departments of industrial companies and together will define the essential requirements to take the prototype to manufacture. All this features the support of 15 specialist mentors in different areas of industry.

The startups will meanwhile receive training sessions on business development, legal matters, marketing and other subjects related to business management.

At the end of the programme, they will be able to present their results to potential investors and partners. In addition, a panel of prominent figures from the field of industry will choose the most promising IQS Next Tech startup.


Contact to ACCIÓ and request our advice.



Empenta programme (ESADECREAPOLIS): speed up the growth of your startup

EMPENTA is an acceleration and incubation programme that will allow you to enhance your startup’s growth speed. Over six months you will work key aspects to develop your industrial startup: partnership agreement, marketing and sales, access to the industrial market, growth and industrialization, funding or elevator pitch preparation.

You will enjoy of 18 hours of individual mentoring with specialist tutors and you will complement your progress with group sessions and case studies on the cross-cutting issues that affect every startup.

The EMPENTA programme utilizes the streamlined methodology designed by the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute that enables adapting the programme to the needs of each startup. In addition, during the course of the programme, you will have the chance to stay for free at the coworking facility for entrepreneurs of the Rambla de la Innovació in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

The programme is addressed to 10 startups under 5 years old with a strong technological and innovative base in the field of deep tech applied to industry (AI, IoT, blockchain or robotics).

Contact to ACCIÓ and request our advice or enter the business school website to find out further details.



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