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Innovate through Startups
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Innovate through Startups

The smartest way to keep up to date

For well-established companies, innovation is a must in order to remain in the market. Day-to-day pressure, however, makes it difficult for them to incorporate disruptive innovation quickly. Startups, on the other hand, go through this process naturally as their raison d’être. Their ability to develop new projects makes them a constant source of innovation that established companies can take advantage of.

Find out how to innovate through startups!

What does it offer?

The Innovate through Startups service places well-established companies and startups in contact to establish the most beneficial relationship for the two parties.

With ACCIÓ’s cost-free support, you, as consolidated companies, can identify the startups that best suit your needs and set out the best strategy for collaboration. Participating startups can meanwhile apply for a line of co-investment equity loans of between 50,000 and 200,000 euros.

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Who is it for?

The Innovate through Startups service targets companies that work or seek to work in open innovation dynamics and that wish to collaborate with startups in order to incorporate technology, explore new business models or diversify their activity.

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How it works

The Innovation through Startups service consists of three branches:

  • Identification of startups: We help you find emerging companies with disruptive technologies or innovative business models that will speed up your innovation processes in order to strengthen your company’s competitiveness
  • Strategic definition of collaboration: The relationship between well-established companies and startups should not always be based on investments and acquisitions. There are many other options such as setting up trade agreements, co-developing products, creating a corporate incubator or accelerator, and even organizing startups’ competitions. We help you define the best collaboration strategy based on your strategic objectives and the distinctive resources that you can contribute to the startup
  • Funding: The line of funding through equity loans granted by the IFEM (ICF), which entail a grant in the form of a guarantee by the Catalan Government’s Department of Enterprise and Employment, can contribute between 50,000 euros and 200,000 euros to startups that receive an investment of the same amount from a well-established company


Don’t wait any longer to innovate through startups!


The Innovation through Startups service is a permanent service of ACCIÓ. Request further information!

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