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Technology Consultancy Service
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Technology Consultancy service

What does it offer?

The Technology Consultancy service provides the advice and tools needed to use technology as a lever of change. Totally free-of-charge you will be provided with:

  • Support in the design or conceptualization of new products
  • Technical solutions to functional challenges of your products
  • Analysis of the technical or industrial feasibility of an idea
  • Awareness of the new technologies at your disposal
  • Identification of the most suitable technology providers to rise to your challenge
  • A products, processes or services test
  • Support to obtain the necessary funding to implement these improvements

Contact us to find out all the details

How does it work?

If you apply for this service, please explain briefly and in simple terms, who you are, what your company is about and the business idea you have in mind. We will analyse your specific case and will contact you within a few days to explore the ways to improve your project with the most appropriate technology for you.

What are you waiting for? Find the technology you need!


Companies that have already found it?

The Technology Consultancy service has already helped many companies to boost their business:

  • Oller, has everything been invented in the world of cork?

Innovative corks? With a difference? For 125 years Oller Group has been putting corks in wine, cava and champagne bottles. They nonetheless suspected that they could improve, and technology helped them to do so. With ACCIÓ’s advice and the collaboration of the Institut Químic de Sarrià, they have revolutionized the world of cork stoppers with a new adhesive material for sealing the lids in record time.

  • Autoadhesivos Z&R, latest-generation labels

Someone at Autoadhesivos Z&R wondered if it would be possible to integrate the adhesives they had been producing for years to the machines that manufacture plastic parts. Technology confirmed that it indeed was not only possible but also an excellent idea. They integrated one process into the other with the help of the Centre Català del Plàstic and have applied it to a range of sectors such as the motorcycle, urban furniture and packaging industries. Through this technological innovation, the company has improved its product and entered new market niches!

Your company might be next, contact us!


The Technology Consultancy service is a permanent service of ACCIÓ. Apply for it!

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