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TECNIO technology suppliers

The most suitable technology for your business

One of the best ways to gain competitiveness on the market is by applying new technology to your company. To apply technology to a product, process or service you do not require technical knowledge.

ACCIÓ, under the TECNIO label, has identified the developers of the most innovative technologies in the Catalan R&D system with different technological capacities and with the capacity to transfer them to the market.

Discover the TECNIO entities and gain competitiveness!

TECNIO developers

Technology developers are organizations that generate new technology and transfer it to business, either by conducting custom R&D projects or through the direct application of the technologies developed.

What does a TECNIO developer bring you?

  • Access to new technologies
  • Your technology needs are covered to help you develop innovative products or services
  • Contacts with new partners and technology providers
  • Participation in international R&D&i programmes

Technology search engine

Are you looking for technology to help you become more competitive? Enter the Technology search engine and choose the technology or the industry field to find the most innovative technologies best suited to your company.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, tell the ACCIÓ Technology Consultancy service about your project and we will help you find the most appropriate technology.

News about TECNIO

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TECNIO: experiences and publications

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