Cupons a la Internacionalització
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Internationalization Coupons

Subsidies for your first steps in exporting

Internationalization coupons are direct economic discount coupons that you can exchange for an expert internationalization service provided by ACCIÓ-accredited suppliers.  The coupons help you to get your export project running, to achieve your first sales in the international markets.

The 2018 call is closed. If you need more information or resolve any doubt, contact us (in catalan).

Do you need more information?

Contact us (in catalan)

The Internationalization Coupons can be exchanged for one or more of these services:

  • Assessment of your company’s internationalization potential.
  • Development of the International Promotion Plan: selection of the product or service for internationalizing, the target countries, the distribution channels, and the preparation of a list of potential customers.
  • Web design for international markets, positioning on the Internet and social networks.
  • Subcontracting an Export Manager.
  • Management of international tenders and competitions.
  • Management for trademark registration and filing patents in international markets.
  • Support and advice on participation at international fairs.
  • Training in international trade.

These grants are aimed at companies that do not export yet or export up to a maximum of 15% of their turnover, that is, companies with little exporting experience or that have never exported.

The outsourcing of these services must be done through any of these ACCIÓ-accredited providers:

In addition to the institutions’ accredited professionals, you can also use the consultants of the Directory of Consultants. They must be subcontracted by any accredited body to perform the service.

Are you a supplier wishing to get accreditation (in catalan) so that your customers can take advantage of the Internationalization Coupons?

The maximum amount of subsidy is 5,000 euros per company/year, and the ACCIÓ aid is 80% of the amount. You can apply for more than one coupon, provided that the total costs of the services applied for does not exceed 5,000 euros.

Call closed. Contact us (in catalan) to find out the dates of the next call.

Steps for applying

  1. Choose the service you are interested in and the supplier with which you wish to work.
  2. Submit your application in accordance with the rules of the call. Note! This link does not work!
  3. Carry out the project: when you receive the decision of acceptance from ACCIÓ, you will get your coupon to start working. You have eight months to implement the service.
  4. Provide proof of the work done: at the end of the service, the supplier will submit the appropriate proof to ACCIÓ. You won’t be required to carry out any procedure in order to receive the amount of the grant.

News about Internationalization coupons

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