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Increased Foreign Sales Service
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Increased Foreign Sales Service

Improve your exports!

Would you like to access new countries? Would you like to increase your exports to markets where you are already present? To improve your exports, ACCIÓ offers all the knowledge in the field of the Catalonia Trade and Investment network of international offices. This service will help you find the best channels, offline and online, to enter any country and optimize your presence there. Our experts in each country will design a made-to-measure plan to access the market, identify the best partners and distributors, and reach all your potential customers.

Apply for the service and increase your international sales!


What does it offer?

The ACCIÓ Increased Foreign Sales Service provides you with a network of ACCIÓ International Offices to operate as your sales team and allow starting or increasing sales in countries where your company has most business opportunities.

Our experts, located in the target country, will be your best allies for finding customers, distributors or partners in the markets where your company can be most competitive. Their knowledge and experience on the ground will help you define the best tailor-made strategy to increase your turnover abroad.

The Increased Foreign Sales Service consists of a series of modules or subservices that adapt to your project’s needs. So, the service may include tasks such as:

  • Identification and selection of solvent distributors or partners in the target country specializing in your sector or value chain
  • Preparation of exclusive market studies for your company, your product and your business model
  • Preparation and monitoring of directories of contacts. We organize the meetings and, if necessary, we can be by your side to ensure success
  • Identification of appropriate marketing channels, offline and online, for your products and services in the target market
  • Area Manager service that allows local positioning through a permanent contact with the key economic agents in each country or region

Contact us to learn more about these and many other services that will lead you to increased sales abroad!

How it works?

Would you like to enter new markets and improve your export performance? Find out how the Increased Foreign Sales service works in three steps:

  • You will meet our experts in internationalization to pool the goals and needs of your company. We will analyse the feasibility of your project, we will help you to prioritize markets and together define the project to be carried out by the office, which will allow you to achieve your goals in the market
  • We will present you, free of charge and without any commitment, with a proposal for action drafted in conjunction with ACCIÓ’s Foreign Trade and Investment offices. This proposal will contain details of the tasks for implementing, the performance schedule and the cost of the project
  • If you like the proposal, you will be able to implement it in the chosen market with the full dedication of our professionals in the International Office and your project manager in Barcelona will provide you with customized support

The average duration of the projects carried out within this service is about three or four months, according to the characteristics of each country. The workload is usually between 100 and 140 hours of dedication by our experts, co-funded by ACCIÓ. They are, therefore, short projects that focus on obtaining quick results.

Apply for the Increased Foreign Sales Service and grow your exports!

Who is it aimed at?

The Increase Foreign Sales Service can be applied for by any company established in Catalonia, but is aimed especially at companies with some exporting experience that wish to expand, consolidate and improve their international results. The service also targets startups and companies of the third sector that enjoy a major additional discount on these projects.

All the services you need are carried out by the experts of ACCIÓ’s Foreign Trade and Investment Office located in the target countries. The company will have to bear part of the cost of the service which will be co-funded by ACCIÓ.

If you have already been involved in international sales, now is the time to increase your exports. Apply for the Increase Foreign Sales Service.

The Internationalization Advisory Service is a permanent service provided by ACCIÓ and it is free for the company.

It is intended especially for companies with some exporting experience. Apply for it!



The Increased Foreign Sales Service is a permanent service of ACCIÓ.

Apply for it!

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