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Business Establishment Abroad Service
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Business Establishment Abroad Service

Take your business to a new international dimension

Stepping into foreign territory with your company is easier if you have someone there waiting for you. ACCIÓ’s Business Establishment Abroad Service helps you take your company to over 100 countries joining the more than 3,000 Catalan companies that already have a subsidiary abroad. From abroad, you will be able to distribute your products better, establish new commercial alliances, take advantage of the specific dynamics of each country and take your company's internationalization process to a new dimension.

We can help you with it from the ACCIÓ foreign offices, with specialized personnel who are really located in the target countries, with more than 25 years of experience helping Catalan companies to be present throughout the world.


Apply for this service and establish your company abroad!

What will you get there?

ACCIÓ’s Business Establishment Abroad Service provides you with a network of Catalonia Trade and Investment Offices to serve as a platform for you to set up in new countries.

Actually being present abroad has many advantages. In some countries is essential to do stable business. And in all cases you'll save money and avoid travelling and making mistakes. You will speed up the process required to open your branch, your production plant, your sales office or whatever your company needs to make the most of the advantages offered by each country.

The Business Establishment Abroad Service provides you with a soft landing in your country of interest. It consists of a series of modules or subservices that we will adapt to the needs of your project. So, the service may include tasks such as:

  • Legal establishment: support and advice to determine and implement the best form of legal constitution of your company in your particular country of interest
  • Soft landing: you can dispose of a fully operational actual physical space right from day one to make your landing in the country a soft one
  • Search for staff in the target country: we source the professionals you need for your company abroad, from executive level to technical or support staff
  • Feasibility of implementation: analysis of the practical feasibility of the implementation process by identifying competitors and industry characteristics, carried out from the country of interest
  • Search for partners and locations: a custom search for possible partners, alliances and locations, depending on the needs of your company and your product
  • Virtual platform: you can use the address of the ACCIÓ office to advertise your presence in the country


Contact us to find out more about these and many other services that will speed up the implementation of your business abroad!

How it works?

Do you want to take your business to a new international dimension? Find out how the Business Establishment Abroad Service works in three steps:

  1. You will meet our experts in internationalization to pool the goals and needs of your company. We will analyse the feasibility of your project to set up in the country and we will define together the project to be carried out by the office to achieve your goals in the market
  2. We will present you, free of charge and without any commitment, with a proposal for action drafted in conjunction with ACCIÓ's Foreign Trade and Investment offices. This proposal will contain details of the tasks for implementing, the performance schedule and the cost of the project
  3. If you like the proposal, you will be able to implement it in the chosen market with the full dedication of our professionals in the international office and your project manager in Barcelona will provide you with customized support


Apply for the Business Establishment Abroad Service and take your business to a new international dimension!

Who is it aimed at?

The Business Establishment Abroad Service can be applied for by any company established in Catalonia, but is aimed especially at companies with some exporting experience. It is important to have a certain volume to establish your company in new countries. However, the service also targets startups and companies of the third sector, that enjoy a major additional discount on these projects.

All the services you need are carried out by the experts of ACCIÓ's Foreign Trade and Investment Office located in the target countries. The company will have to bear part of the cost of the service (.PDF document), which will be co-funded by ACCIÓ.

If you want to go from being a company that travels to sell abroad to become a company that leaves its mark in the world, this is your service. Apply for it!


The Business Establishment Service Abroad is a permanent service of ACCIÓ.

Apply for it!

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