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One-stop Brexit advice
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One-stop Brexit advice

Business tools for dealing with the United Kingdom’s new reality

You have been hearing about the UK's exit from the European Union for a long time, and now that Brexit is a reality, with a signed agreement, you need to understand all its implications and solve all pending doubts. How do I avoid customs problems? What do my workers need? How do I manage logistics once the UK is out of the EU?

ACCIÓ’s Brexit Window provides you with useful tools and the best support to successfully operate in the UK and avoid unforeseen events. Open the Brexit Window, check everything you need to know about the agreement, and solve all your doubts or incidents!

What does it offer?

The One-stop Brexit Advice service offers all the tools necessary to deal with changes on the UK market:

  • Brexit Consultations and Advice: Ask, enquire and talk to our experts. Ask us your question or tell us about your specific case, and we will analyse it and help you to identify the key measures for beating Brexit, which range from drafting a contingency plan to identifying new markets upon which to diversify risks. Make sure you find an answer to all your doubts
  • Support on the ground. ACCIÓ’s Trade and Investment office in London will help you to identify legal advisors, certifying or logistics companies or new business partners so you can carry on doing business in the United Kingdom in the new circumstances
  • Informative sessions. We organise periodic technical talks and sessions on Brexit throughout Catalonia. You will find them published on a regular basis in ACCIÓ’s Events section.

    Successfully overcome Brexit: let us advise you, solve all doubts and incidents, and do not stay offside!

Enquiries and tailored advice

The services of the Technical Office on Internationalization Barriers include special business advice about Brexit. Tell us what your concerns are and we will find solutions.

Logistics, certifications, customs, labour regulations, financial aspects, tax, etc. There are many areas in which Brexit might affect your company. We will help you to identify them and to determine what the most urgently required measures are to reduce their impact and to reorient effort.

Tell us about your situation and we will get in touch with you to answer your queries or advise you.

Open the Brexit Window!

Cost and application

The One-stop Brexit Advice services come at no cost for the company and are addressed specifically to companies that are already associated in some way with the United Kingdom or that are interested in entering this market.

If the Brexit Advice should yield proposals for specific action with one of ACCIÓ's Trade and Investment Offices, either in London or on another complementary market, these services will always by optional. Should you choose to use them, you could benefit from an additional discount.

Do not let Brexit stop your company: take advantage of the best advice, solve all your worries, and do not stay offside!

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