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Servei d'internacionalització agrupada
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Clustered Internationalization Service

Find the best allies to be strong abroad

Do you have a business model established locally but encounter difficulties for it to work in some foreign markets? Have you ever thought about establishing alliances to strengthen your international business and create a more complete joint offer? Commit to international business cooperation! The Clustered Internationalization Service helps you detect the points for reinforcing this strategy and to find the best partners to complete an attractive offer for international clients.

Find the allies that will make you strong abroad! (in catalán)


What does it offer?

The goal of the Clustered Internationalization Service is to facilitate collaboration between companies to create joint international business projects. You will be able to compete abroad with a new offer designed by pooling the individual capacities of the participating companies in each project.

This service will allow you to detect points for improvement to make your company more competitive abroad and will put you in touch with those who may prove to be your best allies to complete a good clustered internationalization offer.

Contact us (in catalan) and make your offer more attractive to foreign markets!


Who is it for?

The Clustered Internationalization Service is aimed at any company established in Catalonia whose activity is consolidated and wishes to improve its international business. The companies must be willing to cooperate with other companies to develop an international expansion project.

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How it works?

The Clustered Internationalization Service adjusts to your needs and consists of different phases which can be performed linearly or together, depending on your interests.

  • We will meet to get to know your business and your goals in order to analyse the situation and identify areas for improvement in your international offer. You will get a road map to find out where you are along the way to achieving your goals.
  • We will work collectively in workshops to identify skills and assets; create cooperation projects and define the ideal partners for each one; as well as learn how to design cooperation agreements.
  • We will assist you in implementing the project from its inception so you can take every opportunity available with the support of ACCIÓ’s network of international offices.

Don’t wait any longer to make your international project stronger! (in catalan)



The Clustered Internationalization Service is free* and is a permanent service of ACCIÓ.

Apply for it! (in catalan)


*Some of the tools may be subject to co-funding between the company and ACCIÓ.