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Leather Cluster Barcelona

The mission of the Barcelona Leather Cluster is to add up, coordinate and boost the efforts of all the companies and agents in the leather sector value chain in Catalonia with a view to increasing their competitiveness, improving their efficiency and encouraging the growth of business as a whole. It is currently formed by:

  • Companies in the leather industry value chain: farms, meat companies, tanneries, chemical companies and manufacturers of leather fashion accessories and complements
  • The University of Lleida Leather Innovation Center and the University of Leather, as centres that undertake research, innovation and training in the sector
  • The tannery wastewater treatment plant, a pioneering plant in Europe for the treatment of industrial wastewater
  • The Leather Museum and former Cal Granotes tannery, which illustrate the history of tanning in Catalonia since the eleventh century
  • The Adoberia Bella tannery, headquarters of the cluster and European Quality Leather Interpretation Centre


There are records of tanning in Catalonia since 1079 and the Tanners Guild of Igualada was founded in 1693.