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Meet The Buyer
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Meet The Buyer

Access to buyers from around the world

Would you like to meet major importers or distributors from around the world? ACCIÓ offers you the knowledge and the contacts from the Foreign Office network to provide you with business opportunities from your sector involving international buyers.

In today’s world, where travel is complicated and on-line activity is greater than ever, Meet The Buyer offers you direct access to international importers and distributors through individual, on-line meetings. Through this service, you have the chance to present your products to major buyers with supply needs.

Check out the calls coming up and meet with major world buyers!

What do they offer?

Given the current difficulties in traveling or attending international trade fairs, the free Meet The Buyer service offers you first-hand information on new business opportunities involving importers and distributors from around the world.

Through its Foreign Offices, ACCIÓ gathers the demands from buyers in different countries and sectors that are able to offer the best international business opportunities to Catalan companies. Participating companies that best fit the required profile will then be chosen by the importers depending on their needs.

The selected companies can hold individual, on-line meetings with buyers interested in a product like theirs.

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How does it work?

Meet The Buyer suggests a schedule of face-to-face meetings with potential international buyers by following the steps below:

  1. Check out who are the next buyers and their sector of interest and request a face-to-face on-line interview. Each of the buyer’s data sheets includes all the information on the corresponding import company and a description of the specific products it is looking for
  2. With the support of the Foreign Office team, buyers will chose the suppliers that best suit their needs in order to hold the meeting
  3. If your company is of interest to the buyer, we will set a date and time for the meeting, which will also be attended by a consultant from ACCIÓ. What’s more, to improve the experience, each meeting will take place via a unique platform for easier interaction between suppliers and buyers
  4. Once the meeting is over, the companies will receive follow-up and advise from ACCIÓ

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Who does it target?

Meet The Buyer is a free service targeting Catalan export companies looking to increase their international sales through on-line meetings with potential new buyers. The companies registered as Catalonia Industry Suppliers will have priority access to the meetings.

Each buyer will target a different sector of varying size, depending on his or her requirements and needs.

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