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Exterior Office of Catalonia in Sydney
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International Office of Catalonia in Sydney

Would you like to do business in Australia and New Zealand?

Australia’s economy is the least exotic in the world. Distance aside, it has a highly dynamic and competitive Western economy. Do you want to find new customers, distributors and partners? The Sydney office is an essential partner for access to Australia and New Zealand.

Your office in Sydney

The Catalonia Trade & Investment office in Sydney is directed by Gemma Puig. She has a broad knowledge of economics and business and a solid track record in promoting the competitiveness of Catalan startups and SMEs in the different positions she has held. A further two consultants complete the ACCIÓ office in Sydney.

The ACCIÓ office in Sydney, one of the network’s oldest, opened in 1989. The huge distance and the peculiarities of the Australian economy mean that the office is crucial for Catalan companies wishing enter this market, by keeping risks to a minimum and guaranteeing success. Since 2015 it has worked on over 200 projects for companies in the areas of design, industrial systems and, particularly, food.

The Sydney office deals mainly with projects that involve marketing (especially the search for marketing channels and market research), soft landing and business missions.

Your office in Sydney


Suite 603, 46 Market Street

Sydney NWS 2000