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Mentoring express for startups
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Mentoring express for startups

Advice to speed up your startup

You have a startup and you are well aware of it: talent feeds talent. Tips and hints from those who have already experienced this are the best recipe to overcome each new stage and speed up your project. With Mentoring express, you will gain access to the powerful community of mentors that make up our ecosystem. Serial entrepreneurs, managers, top professionals... You will spend two hours with the mentor of your choice to enjoy his/her talent and experience to pose all your questions.

If you are part of the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub, you can take advantage of one of its benefits and get access to the mentor who can best help you!

Apply for this service!.

What does it offer?

Mentoring express for startups will allow you to enjoy a two-hour meeting with one of ACCIÓ’s accredited mentors. You will be able to tap into the experience, knowledge and networking of the mentor that can contribute most to the growth targets of your startup.

If you are already a member of the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub, do not hesitate and enjoy one of its biggest advantages. Apply for this mentoring express service!

How does it work?

Once you have applied you will get a reply within 72 hours. If it is accepted and you get one of the Mentoring express places, we will provide you with a list of ACCIÓ-accredited mentors. Choose one, or consult us to find the one that best suits your needs. Once you have selected the mentor, we will align your diaries to find a place and date for your Mentoring express within two months.

With him/her, you will spend two hours to deal with the points you consider critical to speed up your startup. You can talk about strategic approach, climbing in new markets, marketing, investment or trade issues. Whatever you need to speed up your startup! Select the ideal mentor and you will receive advice that will make the difference.

Apply for this mentoring express service!


To enjoy your Mentoring express meeting, you must follow these steps:

  • To access Mentoring express, startups must be members of the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub directory
  • If you are not yet a member, make sure you meet the requirements and apply to join
  • Fill in the Mentoring express form making sure that the NIF (fiscal identification number) is the same as the one with which you are registered in the directory. Otherwise, your application will not be considered
  • On the form, tell us what you want to dedicate the Mentoring express to: what issues you want to deal with and the fields you are interested in receiving advice on

Our Startup Catalonia team will evaluate the candidates’ goals and validate the proposals that are eligible for the two-hour meeting with the mentor.

Apply for this mentoring express service!


Mentoring Express is an ACCIÓ service in collaboration with Barcelona Tech City, which has limited places for each edition.

The Mentoring Express call is now open! Do you want more information? Apply for this service!

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