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Sector-based internationalisation services
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Sector-based internationalisation services

The gateway to specific countries and areas

Some markets and sectors must be experienced in order to understand their nuances and to enter on the right footing. To do this, you must be familiar with the incoming channels and distributors or identify the opportunities and specific needs. The Sector-based internationalisation services are specialised programmes for each area and country that, in line with specific steps, will open their doors to you. Ask about all the specialised programmes available and sign up for the one that most suits your needs.

If you can’t find your business sector in the list, ask us. ACCIÓ offers many other internationalisation services for your company.

Find out the Sector-based internationalisation services

Catalan Wines - Get the world to try your wine and cava

What does it offer?

Taking your wine and cava to the markets of the world’s two main wine importers is possible thanks to Catalan Wines. This service eases entering the United States and Germany so that you can present your product to different sector professionals. The Catalan Wines programme allows you to enjoy the following services:

Individual advice

  • We advise you on the best distribution strategy and pricing policy
  • We assist you in choosing the products that best fit the market
  • We help you to prepare promotional materials



  • We organize events for presenting and tasting products in different cities
  • We can put you in touch with professionals in the world of wine: importers, distributors, restaurants, sommeliers, wine shops, supermarkets and specialized press


Digital strategy

Contact ACCIÓ to open markets for your wine and cava!

Who is it for?

The Catalan Wines programme is aimed at Catalan wineries that wish to expand their business targeting the markets of the US and Germany.

Contact us to find out all the details.

United States

The United States is the first importer of wines in the world. Since 2010, Catalan Wines has organized 21 professional wine-tasting events in different cities with about fifty wineries from 10 different Catalan designations of origin (DO). Two out of every three have repeated in the various editions and 73% of the wineries participating in the programme have sealed trade agreements.

Find out how to enter the North American market.


Germany has a high importing potential and is the first country to which Catalonia exports wine and cava. For this reason, in 2014 the programme for the United States was replicated in Germany. In addition to tasting events, this service includes a digital promotion platform that contributes to familiarizing consumers in Germany with Catalan products and to optimizing the wineries’ investment in digital marketing. Since the inception of the programme, more than 35 Catalan wineries have already been promoted and 40% of participants have sealed trade agreements.

Find out how to enter the German market.

Other countries

Despite events in the United States and Germany, the Catalan Wines programmes often organises activities in other countries with good business opportunities for Catalan wineries.

Events have recently be organised in Denmark, Belgium and Holland. In 2020, the programme is to take its activities to Japan and Switzerland. Find out about them!


The Catalan Wines programme is a permanent service of ACCIÓ.

Apply for it!

Mexicauto - Head for Mexico with other companies from the automotive sector

What does it offer?

Do you deal in the automotive sector? Do you want to know more about the Mexican market? Whether you produce electronic parts, rear view mirrors or gearboxes, forming part of Mexicauto goes beyond a specific service and means becoming an active part of the network of Catalan companies from the automotive sector that are already operating in Mexico. A chance to know who to sell your products to and how to expand your presence in the country. Don't close any doors and get on board to make your business grow. Join Mexicauto! Think about everything it offers:

  • An initial meeting with our consultants who are experts in internationalisation so that you may set out your plans and design a roadmap to start making them reality
  • A videoconference with the Director of ACCIÓ’s Trade and Investment Office in Mexico City, who has spent over 10 years providing support to Catalan automotive companies
  • Priority access in collective initiatives undertaken by ACCIÓ in the automotive sector in Mexico
  • Being kept updated about everything happening in this sector in Mexico through periodic notifications and direct contact with our consultants
  • Take part at the two annual working breakfasts to discuss matters of interest and exchange experiences with other Catalan companies that also operate in this sector in Mexico
  • Access to México Responde: you will obtain a response in 48 hours to your queries about the process of entering and/or consolidating in the country

Lastly, you may use all ACCIÓ's regular internationalisation services. Hearing about it isn’t enough, sign up for Mexicauto!

Who is it for?

Mexicauto is addressed to Catalan companies from any area in the automotive sector that are operating in Mexico or are interested in doing so. Whether you are already established in the country or are just starting to get interested, there is a place for you at Mexicauto.

Any queries? We’ll answer them for you!

How does it work?

Once you have applied to be part of Mexicauto, we will get in touch with you to arrange an initial meeting with our experts. We will discuss your company, what options you have in Mexico and will come up with an initial roadmap to suit your needs. You can also hold a videoconference with ACCIÓ's Director in Mexico City, an expert in the automotive sector, and decide upon the first stages of collaboration.

In addition, once you have signed up for Mexicauto, you will start befitting from the other advantages of belonging to it. We will keep you updated about all the specific activities, collective initiatives and important information about the sector in Mexico.

Contact us to discover every detail and to increase your chances of doing business!

Cost and apllication

Belonging to Mexicauto, initial advice and the roadmap proposals are all free.

Don’t think twice. Sign up for it now!

Upcoming specialized programs

From our offices in Catalonia and all around the world we are constantly working on the implementation of new specialized programs for Catalan companies to take advantage of the opportunities of specific industries in different countries. During 2020, we are exploring the following opportunities:

  • Industrial subcontracting in France and Germany: Introduce yourself to the main French and German industrial buyers with the visibility and quality assurance seal offered by the ACCIÓ Offices in Paris and Berlin. Request more information!
  • UK Food Retail: Enter to the UK retail market. A new program to improve and adapt your products to sell in a highly competitive market. >Request more information!
  • US Fashion Consulting: Fashion industry opportunities in major urban centres in the United States. Request more information!

If you want to know more about these pilot programs, please contact us.

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