Acompanyament per a empreses estrangeres establertes a Catalunya
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Support for Foreign Companies in Catalonia

Increase your presence in Catalonia

Are you a foreign parent company established in Catalonia? Would you like to maximize the benefits of the Catalan productive ecosystem? At ACCIÓ we can help you grow and reinvest to exploit the full potential of your environment. If you are thinking about starting new projects, we can assist you in finding the best partners and we provide tailor-made advice for Catalonia to be the best ally for your company.

Increase your presence in Catalonia! (in catalan)

What does it offer?

The Support for Foreign Companies in Catalonia Service is an after care service following from your company’s arrival here. We advise you on all the processes and help you to maintain and expand your activity in Catalonia. It is a multi-purpose service which provides you with all ACCIÓ’s cross-cutting services.

Growth and reinvestment

  • We inform you as to how to invest and operate in Catalonia.
  • We provide you with a customized value proposition to bring new activities to Catalonia.
  • We help you solve operational issues that are crucial to maintain or increase your activity in Catalonia.


Investment project management

  • We will assign a Project Manager at the decision-making and investment project development stages.
  • We set up meetings with important agents for your investment project.
  • You can liaise with the agents of the Administration involved and will be supported throughout the process.
  • We will provide you with a service to locate land, warehouses and offices.
  • You will be able to get access to a network of specialized services partners (legal, human resources, etc.).
  • We provide you with an incentives evaluation service applicable to your investment project.
  • We support you in the international executive mobility process.
  • You will receive institutional support for the project.


Connection with the Catalan ecosystem


Who is it for?

The Support for Foreign Companies in Catalonia Service is aimed at foreign parent companies established in Catalonia that wish to carry out new investment or maintenance projects, expand their operations or require support to maintain their activities in Catalonia.


How it works?

Apply (in catalan) for the Support for Foreign Companies in Catalonia Service: individually we will analyse your activity and your plans for growth and we will design a customized plan to implement it with all the ACCIÓ services you need.


The Support for Foreign Companies in Catalonia Service is a free, permanent service of ACCIÓ. Apply for it! (in catalan)

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