Startup Capital
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Startup Capital, initial access to financing

A definitive boost for your technological startup

Startup Capital is a direct grant for emerging technological startups that require financing to set about the initial phases of the business, to develop their product or service and to validate the business model for accessing the market. 

If you are starting out and require financing, Startup Capital will give you a boost!

The 2019 call is closed.

What does it offer?

Startup Capital is a direct grant of up to €75,000 for recently-created technological startups.

The grant must be allocated to financing measures to implement the business plan, which range from the administration and management of the company’s operations to the development and marketing of its products and services.

Justifiable expenses include personnel costs, investment in materials and sites, lease of space, the hiring of legal services, the production of communication strategies and the acquisition of licences for the use of software.

Who is it for?

This grant is aimed at startups that must be constituted at the time of publication of the grant rules in the DOGC and must have a maximum of 2 years of life at the moment of request. In addition, they must have the technology as a differential factor, they must be in their initial phase and require a boost to access initial rounds of private financing.


  • The grant is a non-repayable public award and does not require a guarantee.
  • Awards range from a minimum of €45,000 and a maximum of €75,000 per company.
  • The amount subsidised can account for up to 75%.
  • Should the company so request, an advance of 80% can be paid upon the award of the grant, without any need for guarantees.
  • Companies must have a digital certificate.


The 2019 call is closed.

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