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International eTrade
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International eTrade

Take advantage of digital channels to sell throughout the world

You have an export company and still don’t sell online? You have started to sell through marketplaces and would like to improve your presence in them? Take advantage of digital channels to generate new international sales and opportunities and don’t lose custom to other companies that are already doing so!

International eTrade is the boost your company needs to transform its DNA and leverage the new digital channels you have at your fingertips. This service will provide you with sessions of awareness, training, individual counselling and support in implementing your online strategy in new markets.

If you wish to start exporting digitally or to sell to new markets, take advantage of the International eTrade initiative and activate new online channels to expand your international sales.

Would you like further information? Tell us about your case and we will help you to promote your international digital business!

Would you like more information about the International eTrade service?

Tell us about your case and we’ll advise you!

International eTrade: The Services

  • Open sessions

    Throughout the year, you have the opportunity to participate in open sessions and workshops in order to find out about the best strategies to expand your online sales to the world through the experience of experts. Find out about upcoming sessions!

  • eTrade Upgrade

    Training is the key to start selling to the world online. ACCIÓ and the EOI Business School offer free training to learn about new methods and tools to design an internationalization plan through digital channels.

  • Help lines

    ACCIÓ provides you with help lines to improve your international online strategy. International eTrade Coupons, in terms of counselling, or a new line of funding for project implementation, are the two main actions.

  • Support from our International Offices

    Through the support of our ACCIÓ International Offices you can validate your strategy in the target market and connect with the most suitable suppliers to launch it. To which market do you want access? We can help you, request the service!

eTrade Upgrade: get ready to make the leap to international online sales

The digital environment is one of the leading exponents of rapid, constant evolution. In such a context, to sell online anywhere in the world you must have a command of the tools and define the best strategies to enable increasing your international sales.

Hence, ACCIÓ and the EOI Business School are organizing free training courses* for a select group of professionals to find out about new methodologies and facilitate the internationalization of their businesses in the digital channels.

Currently available are the courses titled Training in International Marketing and Digital Communication and Training for Industrial and Service Companies (B2B), two opportunities to take a step towards international online sales.

International Marketing and Digital Communication

Training Course on International Marketing and Digital Communication: On this course we will provide you with the tools and resources to create your international online marketing strategic plan.

In different blocks taught by experts, you will learn how to develop a well-positioned website that focuses on your target audience; you will discover the keys to creating an eCommerce to sell to your end customer; how social networks can help have a greater brand impact worldwide and you will be able to establish a methodology to improve relations with your international customers.

This course, with limited places, consists of 20 three-hour sessions.

Industrial and service companies (B2B)

Training course for industrial and service companies (B2B): Are you an industrial B2B company? As you know, the process to sell your products to other companies is very different from doing so to the end consumer, which is also very important in e-commerce.

On this 16-hour training course, led by specialists, you will learn to make a digital plan that is sustainable over time, you will create your online internationalization strategy in the industrial sector and analyse such issues as the choice of countries or digital channels to be taken into account to capture commercial leads and traffic to the website.

In addition, each participant will be given 5 hours of one-to-one mentoring to help you apply the knowledge acquired to your project.

This course, with limited places, consists of 8 two-hour sessions.

*These training courses are promoted by ACCIÓ and by the EOI Business School (EOI) and are co-funded by the European Social Fund, ACCIÓ and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Support from our International Offices

The International eTrade initiative provides the chance to validate your digital strategy in the world’s most important eCommerce markets. To enable this, ACCIÓ provides you with the specialized local knowledge of its International Offices to corroborate the feasibility of your product or look for the most suitable suppliers.

Through the International Offices, the company will receive full support in implementing its strategy in several key areas:

  • Market validation. Analysis of the consumption of the product online, consumer profile, the competition and the search for the most suitable marketplaces.
  • Legal analysis and barriers. Analysis or accompaniment to records offices and with the necessary procedures that affect the product, the incorporation of the company, the need for personnel or the analysis of barriers (customs tariffs, language, trademark registration or payment methods).
  • Product adaptation. Support in the process of adapting the product, pricing or communications strategy.

This implementation service has a duration of between two and six months for companies and is co-funded by ACCIÓ. Request it now!

Request the service from the International Offices
Do you wish to implement an international online strategy?

Request the service from the International Offices

International eTrade: experiences and publications

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