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International Social Economy

Export the social economy

Social economy enterprises can also open up to the world. The International Social Economy service (a continuation of Aracoop Internacional) facilitates the internationalization of cooperatives and third social sector foundations and associations, following the export dynamics that have already been adopted by many of our country’s companies.

If you have international potential, you need a foreign partner or are looking for customers in other markets, the International Social Economy service will help you with the support of ACCIÓ’s Trade and Investment offices.

What does it offer?

It includes a series of actions that will be established according to the specific needs of each recipient company which, among others, may consist of:

  • Identification and selection of the most appropriate marketing channels
  • Preparation of product suitability market studies
  • Search for distributors and partners in the new market
  • Detection of end customers
  • Personnel selection at destination
  • Support and guidance in the processes of accessing European (European Union) and multilateral funding (IDB and World Bank) to increase international competitiveness
  • Roll-out abroad

Places are limited and each company can enjoy a maximum of 120 hours of consulting.

For those companies requiring advice before choosing the best destination for their products or services, ACCIÓ will help in prioritizing the markets with the greatest potential. Contact us to find out all the details!

Who is it for?

This service targets social economy companies based in Catalonia*: cooperatives, third social sector foundations and associations with economic activity, labour associations, mutual societies, integration enterprises, special work centres and agricultural processing companies.

Applicant companies’ products or services must be consolidated in the market and the companies must be in a position to start an internationalization project.

*Except cooperatives, social economy enterprises must have a plan for implementation and work in democratic governance.


This service does not involve any cost for the company and is funded by the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, through ACCIÓ, and the Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family.

News about International Social Economy

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International Social Economy: experiences and publications

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The European RAISE project, co-funded by the INTERREG EUROPE program, aims to analyze and improve the policy to support business growth by strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of social enterprises.


The European RESET project, co-funded by the European Union’s COSME program, is a one-year project led by ACCIÓ. It will involve up to 50 European companies (15 of them Catalan) and aims to accelerate the business development of the social economy and strengthen its international dimension.

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