Catalonia Industry Suppliers
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Catalonia Industry Suppliers

Join the most international Catalan providers directory and connect with new customers around the world

Are you a company with an international scope? Would you like your company to be identified as a leading industry supplier? If so, you should get to know Catalonia Industry Suppliers.

Catalonia Industry Suppliers is the most advanced business search engine. It groups Catalan industrial suppliers with the highest export potential, classifies them by sectors and shows their main products in detail. More than 3,000 manufacturers are already included, from sectors such as food, chemistry, industrial systems or mobility.

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Business Opportunities: International companies looking for suppliers

  • Poland – Shoes


    A fashion distributor supplying clothing and accessories is looking for manufacturers of shoes, bags and accessories for import.


    Sectoral scope: Design industries

    Sector: Fashion

    Opportunity closing date: 15 June 2020


  • Germany – Small motors


    An established manufacturer seeks to purchase small motors to fit to hospital beds, reclinable sofas, etc. The company requires 40,000 motors/year. Other requirements: DC motors, UL listed.


    Sectoral scope: Industrial Systems

    Sector: Industrial Supplies

    Opportunity closing date: 20 June 2020


  • United Kingdom – Food products


    Empresa importadora líder en el seu sector comercialitza kits de menús amb un ventall ampli de receptes. Els kits contenen tots els ingredients i instruccions per cuinar-los. Degut a la situació actual de confinament en Regne Unit, l’empresa ha vist incrementades les seves vendes i vol identificar nous proveïdors de productes de qualitat per incloure als seus meal kits. Si ets productors de pernil, xoriç, formatge, opcions veganes, espècies i salses, peix i marisc, aquesta oportunitat pot ser del teu interès. Requisits: disposar del norma BRC de seguretat alimentària.


    Sectoral scope: Food industries

    Sector: Food

    Opportunity closing date: 20 June 2020


  • Russia – Food products


    An importer and distributor of food products that also has an e-commerce channel is interested in forming an immediate business relationship with suppliers of food products focusing more on an optimum price-quality ratio than brand promotion. Products of interest: canned olives, olive oil, marinated tuna, assorted sauces, canned fresh or fried tomato, preserved vegetables, pasta.


    Sectoral scope: Food industries

    Sector: Food

    Opportunity closing date: 20 June 2020


  • Kenya – Kitchen countertops


    An importer and distributor from the construction and construction materials sector is looking for manufacturers of artificial quartz granite kitchen countertops.


    Sectoral scope: Design industries

    Sector: Construction and decoration

    Opportunity closing date: 7 July 2020


  • Chile – Lard


    A company dealing in the production of bakery and food additives is looking for suppliers of refrigerated lard.


    Sectoral scope: Food industries

    Sector: Food

    Opportunity closing date: 14 July 2020


  • Kenya – Vegetable seeds


    A company dealing in the distribution of agricultural inputs, including seeds, is looking for suppliers of vegetable seeds in Catalonia.


    Sectoral scope: Food industries

    Sector: Food / Agriculture

    Opportunity closing date: 17 July 2020


  • Canada – Animation producers


    An important company from the animation sector is looking for Catalan producers specialising in 2D to contract their services.


    Sectoral scope: Cultural and experience-based industries

    Sector: Animation

    Opportunity closing date: 31 July 2020


  • Ireland – Work Clothing


    An Irish state-run enterprise is looking for work clothing certified as PPE, with sustainable production and materials in line with the circular economy concept. Please contact for the technical specifications. 


    Sectoral scope: Design industries

    Sector: Textile

    Opportunity closing date: 30 September 2020


  • Argentina – Swabs and FFP2 and N95 masks


    A distributor of healthcare material is looking for a national producer of swabs and their coronavirus transport medium, and nationally produced FFP2 and N95 masks to represent in the LATAM markets.


    Sectoral scope: Health Industries

    Sector: Health

    Opportunity closing date: 20 December 2020


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