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International Public Procurement Service
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International Public Procurement Service

Gain access to the opportunities offered by international tender awards

Do you want to find out your company’s potential for winning international tender awards? Would you like to train to improve your technical bids? Did any one-off queries or doubts arise during the tender award process? At ACCIÓ we provide you with an international public procurement technical office that offers a comprehensive one-stop service to help you access all the opportunities offered by public customers.

Our specialised advisors will help you in every area involved in international tender awards ranging from training and developing skills and presenting the best technical tenders to detecting and accessing opportunities, and resolving specific enquiries.

In addition, you will be able to count on specific support in Africa to identify and take advantage of the best possibilities on the continent with more opportunities for public tenders.

Contact us and get access to International Public Procurement!

What do they offer?

The international public procurement services complete a comprehensive one-stop assistance window with all the tools and services to access international tenders or identify those offering market opportunities for your products and services. Through us you will find:

Free training and advise

  • Strategic training: 30 hours over two months to bring your company up to scratch. We will analyze your profile, your situation, your strategic background, your financial strength and your portfolio of services to ensure they are suitable for the public markets
  • Tender Review Service: If you have already taken part in tenders, you have 30 hours of free advice to analyze and improve on your non-winning techniques to turn them into winning candidacies

Access to public procurement opportunities

  • Africa IPP: We provide you with information on the tenders that suit your company in the continent with most public procurement opportunities. We assist you throughout the process, from detecting opportunities and finding partners, to submitting bids
  • Public client: If you company focuses on public clients, we help you access the market of greatest interest, showing you its singularities, identifying and prioritizing projects, and introducing you to potential partners

Relationship with the main multi-lateral agencies

  • Multi-lateral IPP: We provide you with access to the main international financial institutions through personalized agendas, tender alerts, and the personalized creation of a pipeline of projects

Whatever your needs, contact us and multiply your potential in international public procurement!

How do they work?

The international public procurement services that our technical office offers adapt to the needs of your company. Contact us, explain your needs, and we will help you solve them.

  • If you are unaware of your degree of preparation, are unsure how to submit for a tender, or have been unsuccessful in previous processes, we offer free training and advise:
    • You will receive an assessment, training and information from our specialist consultants through individual sessions or technical conferences
  • If you have difficulties in finding suitable tenders for your company or want to access a specific market...
    • Our consultants will help you find the opportunities with most potential and provide you with the tools to access specific markets, with special attention to the major opportunities of public procurement in Africa
  • If you have any queries or require a response to a specific inquiry...

All the international public procurement services are offered in close collaboration with the Foreign Offices in Brussels and Washington, which specialize in multi-lateral agencies, and the other offices of the ACCIÓ network of Foreign Offices.

Don't leave anything to chance. Contact us to set up a free meeting with our experts!

Who is it for?

The international public procurement services are aimed at any company based in Catalonia that is interested in the public customer overseas market, regardless of whether it has any experience or is making an approach for the first time. The only requisite is for the company to consider internationalisation to be strategic.

Any industrial or services company can access this market in a very broad range of sectors. Some of the most common in public procurement sectors are civil engineering/infrastructures, the green economy, urban solutions, ITC, and health and education. Want to know more? Contact us for further information!

Cost and request

The costs of these services vary depending on the type of activity.

  • Training: The advisory activities are always free of charge
  • Access to public procurement opportunities
    • Africa IPP: This service lasts for around 8 months (350 hours) and has a cost for the company of 25% its total value
    • Public Client: This service lasts for around 6 to 12 months (150 hours) and has a cost for the company of 25% its total value
  • Multi-lateral IPP: The cost and duration of this service varies depending on the hours spent on it
  • If you want to find out more about the international public procurement market, contact us!

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International Public Procurement Service: experiences and publications

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The European project GOOSE, co-funded by the European Union's COSME program, led by ACCIO, aims to improve access by SMEs to public procurement in non-EU countries; countries with which the European Union has signed a bilateral or multilateral agreement covering public procurement: Colombia, Chile, Serbia, Norway, Vietnam and Japan, that operate in the following sectors: the Green Economy, Smart Health, ICT and Smart Cities.