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Imagine a place where you can find the key tools and instruments for defining the strategy to make you more competitive. A place where you can learn about winning strategies for your business, where you can learn from other experiences and where you can gain access to all the knowledge concerning your business ecosystem. In fact, you really need not imagine anything. Here you will find it as a member of a cluster, a concentration of companies, institutions and related stakeholders that are close at hand and both compete and cooperate at the same time.

ACCIÓ has established 24 clusters that already include more than 2,300 companies and partners, and have a turnover of over 69,000 million euros.

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What does it offer?

Being a member of a cluster will allow you to strengthen the competitiveness of your company by developing key skills, technologies and networking relationships among manufacturers, customers and suppliers. All of this will provide you with:

  • A better strategy for your company
  • A direct relationship with all parties in the same value chain
  • Create shared value
  • Travel companions for solving common challenges
  • Membership of a dynamic organization
  • The support of a Cluster Manager
  • Access to an ecosystem of 24 clusters


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Who is it for?

A cluster is an organization that focuses on the competitiveness of companies, which are mostly SMEs, but also include startups, multinationals, technology centres and universities.

The advantages

The members of the cluster come together both to increase their individual competitiveness and, meanwhile, to improve the quality of their surroundings. They share a space where everyone has all the tools they require to improve their competitive strategy, a challenge that often draws from cooperation with the other members as they all jointly represent the same value chain.

Clusters are organizations based on trust relationships that are not controlled by larger companies but led by the most active companies, regardless of their size. They do so within the framework of a dynamic organization the focus of which is competitiveness. The work philosophy, the positioning and the activity of a cluster are specific and differential.

In addition, clusters have a team led by the Cluster Manager, an executive dedicated exclusively to generating trust, to networking, to advising companies and to building activities and projects to make them more competitive.

Through the Catalonia Clusters Programme ACCIÓ has established an ecosystem of 24 clusters. This is an interconnected network that offers any company participating in a cluster access to work with the others. This is possible thanks to the networking of intercluster dynamics.


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How it works

Working in a cluster promotes actions aligned with the strategic challenges of the cluster itself, as defined by its member companies, with a view to improving companies’ competitiveness. It does so through innovation in its business models, the internationalization of markets, management training and intercluster dynamics.


Projects platform

  • The cluster allows for the boosting transformational projects, which are aligned with future strategies that are difficult for a company on its own to follow.


Strategic intelligence

  • The cluster provides knowledge of winning strategies. The exchange of knowledge and experience yields information about the market, business challenges, trends and key technologies and success stories and failures from which to learn.



  • Clusters are based on relationships of trust generated by interaction among companies. Formal and informal meetings allow for the sharing of opportunities and the generation of business.


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Find your cluster

Catalonia is a pioneer in cluster work and has an internationally recognized ecosystem. The Catalonia Clusters Programme currently has more than 24 clusters featuring over 2,300 companies. These generate an aggregate turnover of over 69,000 million euros.


ACCIÓ can help you find your cluster.

List of Clusters in Catalonia

Bioenergy Cluster - Bioenergy Cluster of Catalonia

Water Cluster - CWP - Catalan Water Partnership

Efficient Energy Cluster of Catalonia - CEEC - Efficient Energy Cluster

Packaging Cluster - Packaging Cluster

Wine and Cava Cluster - INNOVI – Catalan Wine Cluster

The Pig Meat Sector Custer - INNOVACC - Catalan Association of Innovation in the Pig Meat Industry

Foodservice Cluster - Foodservice cluster

Gourmet Products Cluster - Catalonia Gourmet


Audiovisual Cluster - Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia

Digital Cluster - Digital Cluster Association of Catalonia

Lighting Cluster - CICAT - Lighting Cluster of Catalonia

Cluster of Interior Design in Residential and Contract - HCB - Habitat Cluster Barcelona, and CENFIM - Wood and Furniture Technology Dissemination Centre of Catalonia

Fashion Cluster - MODACC – Catalan Fashion Cluster

Leather Cluster - Leather Cluster Barcelona

Beauty Cluster - Beauty Cluster Barcelona

Sports Industry Cluster - INDESCAT – Catalan Sports Cluster

Children's Products Cluster - KID’S Cluster

Cluster of Agricultural Production Means - FEMAC - Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Agricultural Machinery of Catalonia

Advanced Materials Cluster - ClústerMAV - Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia

Optics and Photonics Cluster - secpho – Light Technologies Cluster

Automotive Cluster - CIAC - Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia

Logistics and Intermodal Mobility Cluster - In-Move

Biotechnology and Health Technologies Cluster - CataloniaBio & HealthTech

Mental Health Cluster - Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia

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