ACCIÓ - Agency for Business Competitiveness
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Portfolio of services

Connect to the world

Join 17,000 regularly exporting companies. Become one of over 3,000 companies with a subsidiary overseas.

  • Break into export
  • Expand markets
  • Set up overseas

Connect to the world (PDF)

Discover the internationaliisation services

Connect to innovation

45% of Catalan companies that innovate plan to increase their turnover. 5 out of every 10 innovative companies are exporters.

  • Innovation across sectors
  • Innovate with technology
  • Innovate globally

Connect to innovation (PDF)

Discover the innovation services

Connect to funding

Join the 1,800 companies that ACCIÓ advises on how to obtain financing. Discover over 100 alternative financing providers within your reach.

  • Obtain a financial overview of your business
  • Identify financing to grow your business
  • Apply for the financing that best suits you

Connect to funding (PDF)

Consult the financing services

Connect your startup to the market

Over 1,500 startups identified in the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub. The participants in the last 10 editions of the Investment Forum have raised more than 270 million euros.

  • Launch your startup in the marketplace
  • Identify financing options for growth
  • Internationalise your startup

Connect your startup to the market (PDF)

Are you a startup? Discover our services

Connect to the clusters

Join over 2,300 companies and other agents that belong to the 29 clusters with an aggregate turnover of over €74,000.

  • Incorporate market intelligence
  • Activate your networking
  • Take part in projects

Connect to the clusters (PDF)

Find your cluster

Connect to Catalonia

Catalonia is southern Europe’s most attractive region for foreign investment.

  • Grow and reinvest in Catalonia
  • Attract your international strategic partners to Catalonia
  • Connect to the Catalan ecosystem and activate the networking

Connect to Catalonia (PDF)