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Oficina Exterior de Catalunya a Santiago de Xile
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International Office of Catalonia in Santiago de Chile

Would you like to do business in Chile?

Do you want your company to connect with Chile? Do you want to win new clients and contacts? The ACCIÓ office in Santiago de Chile will bring your company into closer contact with one of Latin America’s most solid and stable economies.

Your office in Santiago de Chile

The Catalonia Trade & Investment office in Santiago de Chile is located in the main business area of the Chilean capital.

ACCIÓ’s office in Santiago de Chile opened in 1990 to provide Catalan companies with access to one of South America’s most stable and established markets. In recent years, it has promoted more than a hundred projects in all industrial branches, ranging from industrial systems to areas such as ICT, health, food, and design.

The Santiago de Chile office is the region’s most specialized in innovation projects. It has received several innovation and startup missions in recent years and also performs numerous projects involving a search for marketing channels or business deployment based on personnel recruitment in the country.

Santiago de Xile

Santiago de Xile


Santa Beatriz 100, Oficina 1302

7500515 Providencia

Santiago de Chile