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Catalonia Trade Portal
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Catalonia Trade Portal

The information you need to do business around the world

What customs tariffs apply to your product in each particular country? What licences do you require and what inspections must be performed to introduce it specifically in one market or another? What documentation and procedures must be complied with? And if you want to import, how can you know which countries offer the most financial and administrative advantages?

The Catalonia Trade Portal is the new essential tool for any company wishing to do business internationally. The point of reference where you will find all the information you need so that your project does not encounter borders.

Find out about it!

What does it offer?

The Catalonia Trade Portal is a comprehensive digital platform that tracks more than 800 documentary sources from around the world to put at your disposal, immediately, more than 30 types of information resources to ease your international business processes.

The Catalonia Trade Portal will allow you to find out:

  • The main countries that import your product
  • The inspections and licences required to export or import
  • The customs tariffs that apply to your type of product for each country
  • The main importers of each country for products like yours. Or, what amounts to the same thing: the potential customers you have in each market, based on a database of more than 100,000 importers worldwide
  • The documentation you must bear in mind for your product in any corner of the world
  • Several tools that automatically calculate the costs of importing or exporting
  • Market studies, industry trends, business guides, lists of companies, statistics, trade fairs or business directories directly related to your business sector

In addition, the Catalonia Trade Portal also offers you the chance to set up customized alerts for new studies, trends, public calls to tender and all kinds of information that affect your countries of interest or your sector

Whether you are starting to export or you already export regularly, the Catalonia Trade Portal is a reference point with the information that is essential, up-to-date and well structured for you to do business around the world. Find out about it!

How does it work?

The Catalonia Trade Portal is an online service provided free of charge by ACCIÓ to Catalan companies to speed up and facilitate their access to international markets.

To use it, you need simply set up an account with a valid business fiscal identification number (NIF). If, in addition, your company is a user of ACCIÓ’s advanced internationalization services, you will be entitled to a premium account with additional services.

Much of the documentation you will find on the Catalonia Trade Portal is in English, because it is taken from international sources.

If you are a Catalan company, set up a user account and start to take advantage of the Catalonia Trade Portal for free.

Personalized attention

The Catalonia Trade Portal is a digital, real-time self-service website. You will find a whole host of valuable information.

But if what you find is not enough, if you are not sure how to make the most of it or if you would like more personalized attention, we recommend the analogue, more human version of the Trade Portal: the Technical Office on Internationalization Barriers.

See the details here and request the personalized support you need so that there are no barriers in your way.

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