Contractació Pública Internacional
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International Public Procurement Service

Access the business of international public procurement

Would you like to gain access to the international public procurement markets? Would you like to increase your sales to public customers?  At ACCIÓ, we can help you to prioritize markets and sectors, identify the relevant actors and potential partners and develop the best strategy to deal with the challenges posed by international public procurement opportunities.

With consultants specializing in tenders, in Barcelona and from our network of international offices, we will design custom plans that define the best channels to access public clients and optimize your presence.

Contact us and get access to international public procurement!


ACCIÓ experts and consultants, both in Barcelona and in the 40 Catalonia Trade and Investment offices, will define together with your company the best strategy to approach international activity through a variety of services:

  • Prioritizing markets and identifying opportunities according to the sector and the entire potential value chain.
  • Market research to grasp how a country or a market’s public procurement system works.
  • Organizing and monitoring address books with public and private representatives, with support from the ACCIÓ personnel.
  • Identification of relevant public representatives in the target markets.
  • Monitoring of projects, opportunities and contacts to ensure the best local positioning based on permanent contact with key economic stakeholders in each country or region.
  • Exploratory missions to discover countries, their public institutions and private agents.
  • Technical symposia for training to gain access to public procurement projects.


Contact us to find out all the details!

The International Public Procurement Service helps you in four stages:

  1. ACCIÓ’s experts in international public procurement will advise you and pool the company’s goals and needs.
  2. We will analyse the international feasibility and priority of markets and sectors: we will define the project to be developed by the international offices.
  3. We will present a proposal for action, developed in conjunction with the international offices, with the definition of the tasks for implementing, the schedule and cost.
  4. If you like the proposed action, we will implement it in the market or markets chosen with the total dedication of the professionals of the international offices and support by the offices in Barcelona.


Contact us to arrange a free meeting with our experts in Barcelona!

The International Public Procurement Service targets any company established in Catalonia with potential in the international public procurement market.

Any industrial or services company can access this market in a wide range of sectors although most opportunities arise in sectors such as civil engineering/infrastructure; the green economy; urban solutions; ICT; health and education.


If you would like to get into the international public procurement market, please contact us! The initial advice is free and you need only bear the cost of the proposed action if you like it and you want to implement it. Apply for it!

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