International Public Procurement Service
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International Public Procurement Service

Gain access to the opportunities offered by international tender awards

Do you want to find out your company’s potential for winning international tender awards? Would you like to train to improve your technical bids? Did any one-off queries or doubts arise during the tender award process? At ACCIÓ we provide you with an international public procurement technical office that offers a comprehensive one-stop service to help you access all the opportunities offered by public customers.

Our specialised advisors will help you in every area involved in international tender awards ranging from training and developing skills and presenting the best technical tenders to detecting and accessing opportunities, and resolving specific enquiries.


Contact us and get access to international public procurement!


What does it offer?

The international public procurement services come complete with a comprehensive one-stop service to provide you with all the tools and services with which to access international tender awards. We offer:

  • Training and skills development programmes to learn about how the international public procurement market works and to improve the drafting of your technical tenders.
  • Tailored support for accessing the specific opportunities and markets of public customers
  • Tailored service for resolving specific queries and doubts
  • Sessions on technical matters and presentation of opportunities. Consult the agenda!


Whatever your need, contact us and improve your international public procurement potential!

How it works?

The international public procurement services offered by our technical office adapt to suit your company’s requirements. Contact us, tell us what you need and we will help you find the answer.

  • If you do not know whether you are ready, are not sure how to present yourself for a tender award or have not been successful in previous processes...
    • You will be evaluated, trained and given skills by our specialised advisors at individual sessions or technical training days.
  • If you cannot find the right tender awards for your company or are finding it hard to access a specific market...
    • Our advisors will help you to detect the opportunities with the greatest potential and will provide you with tools to access specific markets.
  • If you have any queries or need an answer to a specific question...
    • Contact us and we will give you a swift, tailored response.

All the international public procurement services are offered in close collaboration with our offices in Brussels and Washington, which specialises in multilateral bodies, and also with the rest of ACCIÓ’s network of Trade and Investment Offices.

Do not leave anything up to chance. Contact us to arrange a free meeting with our experts!

Who is it for?

The international public procurement services are aimed at any company based in Catalonia that is interested in the public customer overseas market, regardless of whether it has any experience or is making an approach for the first time. The only requisite is for the company to consider internationalisation to be strategic.

Any industrial or services company can access this market in a very broad range of sectors. Some of the most common in public procurement sectors are civil engineering/infrastructures, the green economy, urban solutions, ITC, and health and education. Want to know more? Contact us for further information!

Cost and application

If you wish to explore the international public procurement market, then please contact us! Advice is always free and costs vary depending on the type of action taken.

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