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The ICT tourism cluster was born with the aim of grouping companies with hybrid business models involving technology and tourism, aimed at other companies or end consumers, along with actors of the technological and knowledge ecosystem, such as universities and technology centres.

The ICT tourism sector is made up of 371 companies in Catalonia, most of which are SMEs (76%), featuring 9,100 employees and a turnaround of over 1 billion euros. These companies operate in the fields of travel technology, consulting, booking management and connectivity or the facility management software, among others.

At this turning point of technological evolution, the cluster aims to become a dynamising factor and driver for all the companies that make up the Catalan tourism sector – an industry that has experienced a growing digitisation of its services over the last few years. In fact, technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence or the internet of things are increasingly present among companies. 

At present, the ICT tourism cluster, promoted through the Directorate General of Industry and the Directorate General of Tourism, is in the making. Over the next few months, the implementation of its action plan will be pursued, headed by a technical ACTION team, in order to establish a board of directors and get a cluster manager on board.

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