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Catalonia Exponential Leaders
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Catalonia Exponential Leaders

Catalonia’s most disruptive companies

The Catalonia Exponential Leaders are Catalonia’s most disruptive companies. New models based on exponential technologies emerge mainly in the world’s most innovative ecosystems, and that also means Catalonia. Through Catalonia Exponential Leaders we wish to show that here too we have companies setting an example of transformation and adaptation to new opportunities for disruption. These can provide a source of inspiration for the entire business fabric of Catalonia.

We are therefore presenting a selection of the most disruptive companies in Catalonia: the Catalonia Exponential Leaders. Find out more!

Catalonia Exponential Leaders 2021

  • Advanced Air Mobility. Open in a new window.

    Advanced Air Mobility’s exponential project for a new form of urban aerial mobility involving a flying taxi aspires to change patterns of urban and regional development towards a new more society- and nature- friendly model.

  • Bitmetrics. Open in a new window.

    BitMetrics develops robotic and vision technology with a view to democratizing access for all companies to the smart automation of processes that require real-time image analysis.

  • Heura. Open in a new window.

    Heura is a 100% vegetable meat startup that creates new solutions within the current food system and is encouraging a transition towards positively impacting the planet, animals and people.

  • Honext. Open in a new window.

    Honext is based on the circular economy and uses a new enzymatic process to convert paper fibre waste into resin- and toxic additive-free tiles suitable for construction.

  • HumanITcare. Open in a new window.

    HumanITcare’s disruptive platform solution, based on AI for monitoring chronic patients remotely, is having a great impact on society and offering highly flexible service.

  • Natural Machines Iberia. Open in a new window.

    Natural Machines’ solution is a 3D laser food printing kitchen device with which each user can make their own personalized food.

  • Nostrum Biodiscovery. Open in a new window.

    Nostrum Biodiscovery uses world cutting-edge computer technology that combines data, machine learning and molecular modelling to swiftly and precisely generate enzymes for industrial use that are more environmentally friendly.

  • Peptomyc. Open in a new window.

    Peptomyc has revolutionized oncology through an unprecedented therapeutic technique: Myc inhibition with the drug Omomyc, which selectively removes cancer cells and has only mild and completely reversible side effects.

  • Premium. Open in a new window.

    Premium, a byword for innovation and transformation, develops bidirectional power supply systems with a view to leading the new wave of wireless vehicle chargers.

  • Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech. Open in a new window.

    Qilimanjaro, with its revolutionary quantum computing project, offers a new computing paradigm that will enable industry to perform hitherto unmanageable operations.

  • Sateliot. Open in a new window.

    Sateliot and its constellation of low-orbit nanosatellites are revolutionizing the communications industry by making mass use of IoT with 5G coverage globally available.

  • SEAT: CODE. Open in a new window.

    SEAT is taking the leap towards disruption through SEAT: CODE, the startup intended to encourage digitalization at SEAT and change it from a successful automobile manufacturer to a mobility services provider.

  • Venvirotech. Open in a new window.

    Venvirotech offers an innovative onsite system for transforming waste to biodegradable bioplastic using bacteria and thus reducing environmental plastic waste.

  • Vottun. Open in a new window.

    Vottun, known as the "Wordpress of blockchain", offers “out-of-the-box” data certification and traceability solutions using blockchain technology with a view to encouraging the digitalization of companies.

  • X1Wind. Open in a new window.

    X1Wind offers a revolutionary floating wind system that can harness huge offshore deep-water wind resources with an exponential impact on the energy sector.

  • Zyrcular Foods. Open in a new window.

    Zyrcular Foods, which was initially a derivative of the Vallcompanys meat company, is the first plant in Catalonia to make 100% alternative protein. Its pillars for growth are research, innovation and sustainability.

Catalonia Exponential Leaders: the experiences

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