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Catalonia Exponential Leaders
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Catalonia Exponential Leaders

The most disruptive Catalan companies

Catalonia Exponential Leaders 2023

  • AldoraTech (Opens in new window)


    AldoraTech has created a transport service with their 3D drones manufactured in house with the aim of providing urgent transport for essential products, thus promoting accessibility regardless of the geographical area.

  • Aortyx (Opens in new window)


    Aortyx, a startup created at the IQS and the Hospital Clínic, has developed and patented advanced technologies for minimally invasive treatments of aortic diseases to restore the aorta’s natural biomechanics.

  • Avinent (Opens in new window)


    Inmoovs is Avinent’s new idea, a project based on podiatry treatments that focuses on the application of a technology to scan footprints and design templates by means of 3D printing.

  • Busup (Opens in new window)


    The Busup startup has developed software to optimize companies’ transportation by facilitating their employees’ journeys and promoting sustainable mobility through efficiency and route optimization.

  • Concentrol (Opens in new window)


    The Concentrol chemical company offers a smart solution which, through the IoT, provides real-time assistance to its clients to enable them to make more efficient use of its solutions and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Jolt Solutions (Opens in new window)

    Jolt Solutions

    Jolt Solutions, a company created at the ICIQ, offers solutions for the green hydrogen industry through the manufacture of industrial electrodes for water electrolyzers to secure efficient production of this clean fuel.

  • MiMark Diagnostics (Opens in new window)

    MiMark Diagnostics

    The Mimark Diagnostics startup, set up at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, has developed an in vitro test based on an algorithm that analyzes specific biomarkers for minimally invasive gynecological diagnoses of endometrial cancer.

  • Mitiga Solutions (Opens in new window)

    Mitiga Solutions

    The Mitiga Solutions startup, set up at the BSC, provides technology to enable companies to manage natural disaster risks related to climate change through AI models based on physical predictions.

  • Roka Furadada (Opens in new window)

    Roka Furadada

    The Roka Furadada startup designs and markets a new generation of smart photosensitive products that provide protection against solar radiation, mimicking the ability of plants and other living organisms to shield themselves.

  • Sener (Opens in new window)


    Sener offers a complementary solution to centralized management systems to autonomously operate air conditioning systems through AI, at factories, airports and shopping malls, among others.

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